Why It’s Important To Create A Bullet Journal Morning Routine For Digital Nomads 

bullet journal morning routine

You are about to start another day as a digital nomad. So, you write down your daily to-do list, make a big cup of coffee, and turn on your laptop. Yet, despite the good intentions in your heart, you keep staring at the screen, bouncing between Facebook and random horoscopes. 

Suddenly, it’s the end of the day, and you didn’t finish anything! Sounds familiar? Is building habits challenging for you? It happens to most of us! However, having a bullet journal morning routine can significantly improve your life. 

Why Are Bullet Journal Morning Routines Important for Digital Nomads? 

Have you ever heard of procrastination? It’s the art of postponing tasks and deadlines with any possible excuse. Truth to be told, people got into the habit of accumulating ‘stuff to do’ a long time ago. From Socrates to Aristotle, even ancient Greek philosophers invented a word to describe procrastinators: Akrasia.

Working as a digital nomad, a bullet journal morning routine helps you keep track of your tasks and organize your daily schedule. One of the main perks of working remotely is autonomy and less supervision. However, this perk can quickly become a challenge. If you postpone a couple of days, suddenly you have to catch up with tons of tasks, impacting your performance and, most importantly, your colleagues and team members. 

So, before burying yourself under tons of tasks – and pressure – try a scheduled bullet journal to find a better work-life balance for a long-term routine

What Is A Daily Routine for Digital Nomads? 

The reasons why bullet journal checklists are essential to building a routine as a digital nomad relate to why we procrastinate. According to Behavioral Psychology, a phenomenon called “time inconsistency” explains why we keep pulling over tasks despite our good intentions. 

In short, time inconsistency means that our brain prefers immediate rewards to future gains. To explain this concept, researchers talk about the Present Self and Future Self. 

For example, you need to write three articles by the end of the week. Your Future Self is the one setting goals to make it happen and be more relaxed during the weekend. But only the Present self can take action. And if your Future self can see the long-term rewards, the Present Self can’t. 

So, if you think with your Present self while working, you will tend to postpone your tasks. Instead of writing an article, you will watch a film because you focus on the immediate reward. 

To recap, building a routine as a digital nomad means finding strategies to think with your Future Self while working and your Present Self when you are relaxing. And a morning routine bullet journal is the first step to finding the best way to keep your productivity high and enjoy your free time. 

Read this article for more ideas on how to create the perfect remote work schedule.

Why Journaling Can Help You With Your Morning Routine As A Digital Nomad

Living as a digital nomad has millions of wonderful opportunities. But you need to be ready to embrace them. And setting a morning routine to follow and track on your bullet journal is the first step to finding the right balance without procrastinating too much. 

Here are 4 reasons why the bullet journal morning routine is important for digital nomads: 

  • Better start of the day: Everything feels more achievable when you organize your week on a page. And when you start the day, you don’t feel overwhelmed by your tasks.
  • Tracking habits and activities: You can track your performance, seeing when you tend to postpone or be more productive to organize your tasks accordingly. 
  • Remember achievements: Scrolling back, you can see what you have done and be more optimistic about future challenges. 
  • Set rewards for yourself: Finally, a bullet journal is a great strategy to set rewards for your Present Self, without forgetting your long–term achievement. 

How To Make A Bullet Journal Morning Routine For Digital Nomads

Every daily routine journal starts in the morning. After all, the early bird catches the worm. 

How to journal in the morning is very personal, but a few steps can help you get started. Here is what to add to your bullet journal to build your morning ritual routine: 

1. Monthly Highlights Calendar

daily routine bullet journal
Source (@nittany_bujo)

A monthly highlight calendar is a good way to overview your month, including personal and work activities. Monthly calendars are useful to remember your long-term rewards. When your Present Self tries to take over and postpone tasks, you can check your activities and remember why you need to stick with your plan. 

2. Habit Tracker

You can see the habit tracker as an extension of your monthly calendar. Here you can track and list your habits, monitoring what you can improve. Try to make your habits as specific as possible. For example, instead of writing ‘do yoga,’ write something like ‘do you 20 min yoga before breakfast.’ Tracking habits is crucial to determine and prioritize your morning routine tasks.

3. Monthly Master To-do List

bullet journal routine

A monthly master to-do list includes the most important things you need to achieve by the end of the month. This master list is a guide to help you prioritize weekly and daily tasks, keep thinking about your long-term goals instead of immediate rewards. There are great apps that can help you keep track of your responsibilities as a digital nomad, as well as your overall journey.

4. Weekly Spread

A weekly spread works as a planner. Here you update daily deadlines, meetings, calls, doc appointments, etc. Everything you need to during the day to prioritize your tasks during the week. The weekly overview is ideal for scheduling your morning routine and being realistic on what you can achieve, creating a healthy habit loop. 

5. Gratitude Page

The ‘gratitude page’ is very personal. And most importantly, it has to fit your personality. The idea of this page is to leave a moment in the morning to be grateful for your achievements and set new goals for your growth. 

Some people write a single sentence every day. Others write a sort of daily diary. How you build this section for your bullet journal morning routine doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are aware of what you have done, what you could have done differently, and where you need to improve. The purpose  of this section is to create a system of rewards to help you stick with your routine and remember why you are doing it when you read it back. 

Best Bullet Journal Morning Routine Notebooks For Digital Nomads

  • Scribbles That Matter Bullet Dotted Journal and Organizer: This vegan leather notebook is available in different colors. It provides a simple design including key bullet journal components like a preprinted key and index page.
  • LEUCHTTURM1917 – Official Bullet Journal: Solid and reliable, it is one of the most popular notebooks for bullet journaling. It includes preprinted index and key to helping you set up a minimalist bullet journal. 
  • Rhodia Rhodiarama Softcover Notebook: Rhodiarama doesn’t provide pre-printed keys, but a dot grid to fully customize your journal. In addition, the thick paper allows using stretch pens or fountain pens.
  • Northbooks A5 Dotted Bullet Notebook Journal: This is one of the most affordable options you can find on the market. The Northbooks has a fully customizable dot grid, and it only comes in black or grey. However, the quality of the papers and cover make it one of the best options to start a morning routine bullet journal.
  • Grid Paper Notebook: This notebook has the best type of paper. You can write with a fountain pen, and the ink won’t show on the other page. It includes a built-in pen loop, and you can choose between lined, graph, or dot grid paper. 

Last Thought About Bullet Journal Morning Routine 

Bullet journal routine strategies are great to boost productivity  and thoroughly enjoy a digital nomad lifestyle. However, if you feel even more stressed by the idea of journaling, it’s not the right time to start. Sometimes, you need to clarify your mind before organizing life on a piece of paper. So, take your time, and when you are ready, build your bullet journal morning routine! 

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