The Best Music for Working from Home

work from home music

Music can fill up empty spaces, creating a unique atmosphere in one second. Sounds and harmonies have the power to set the tone of your mood – they can help you relax, make you want to dance, cry, or both at the same time. 

And, following these times of restrictions and lockdowns, music has been a loyal companion to keep motivation high while working from home. But, what’s the best work from home music?

What’s The Best Work From Home Music?

When people seek good music to work with, they have endless possibilities. Some prefer jazz music, others classical, some swear by electronic music, and some choose to work in complete silence. 

Let’s look at the different types of music that could help you focus while working at home! 

1. Classical Music

Classical music inspires elegance and balance with short melodies and contrasting moods with question-and-answer phrases. For example, a ​study found that seven out of eight radiologists increased focus and concentration with baroque music. Therefore, despite the Mozart Effect’s dismissal, some still suggest that classical music can help people learn and focus. Composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel can be the best ones to introduce you to the classical music world.

Here are a few Youtube playlists to organize your work day and see if classical music is what you need!

2. Ambient Music

Among relaxing music for working from home, ambient is one of the best genres. If you have been under several periods of stress, this type of music is like medicine you take through your ears. 

Ambient accommodates people’s levels of listening attention without enforcing any sound in particular. As ​Brian Eno​, creator of Music for Airports, says: “It must be as ignorable as it is interesting”. And yet, it helps people focus and relax! 

Here are a few Youtube playlists for you to explore and see if it’s your music for work:

3. Nature Sound 

Nature sounds can enhance cognitive function and concentration. The sound of the wind, rustling leaves, flowing water, or rainfall can affect heart rate and alter brain connections. We all know that spending time in nature is good for our physical health. However, when we can’t leave for a short trip, listening to nature sounds can help us get focused. 

If you are just getting to know this world, you can look up:

4. Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is also a good fit for people working from home. Without lyrics, you can listen to different music styles, some more relaxing, others more energetic, without being distracted. 

Here are some playlist examples:

6. White noise

White noise refers to sounds with a flat spectral density. To put it simply, these sounds have a continuous frequency to block out external sounds. This repetition helps people to keep focus and productivity during the day without distractions. For example, fan or television static sounds are popular among people working from home. 

Here are some Spotify examples to help you find out if this option is for you!  

7. Video game music & Epic fantasy music

Last but not least, video games and epic fantasy music are also an option. However, be mindful of the type of tasks you have to do. For example, different Reddit post suggest trying video game music because it’s not intrusive and meant to make you stay focused on the screen. Unlike other types of music, video games keep your motivation high with a melodic theme without distracting you with lyrics or complex music structure. So, if you need to carefully check at bugs on an endless coding script, Star Wars energy can be a huge distraction – who wouldn’t quit a boring task to start over another marathon? It can be Harry Potter or Indiana Jones, just make sure you choose the right time to not have the opposite result! 

Here is some work from home playlists to explore: 

The Benefits of Music While Working From Home

For years, scientists have been interested in the effect music has on the human brain and insist on the idea that listening to music can improve your productivity and cognitive function. Which are the benefits of listening to good music while working from home?

1. Positive Emotions

First, as music can stimulate multiple areas of your brain, positive emotions arise when listening to it. You might find yourself laughing while listening to a cheerful song or dancing along to the beat of a moving rhythm. Listening to music increases dopamine, a chemical that is released from your brain when you feel happy – it decreases pain, reduces stress, and improves immune function. For example, The study Trends in Cognitive Science found that music has a better impact on stress and anxiety than actual anti-anxiety medication.

As a result, it can help improve your focus. 

2. Productivity

A number of studies about background music in the workplace shows that instrumental music gives a productivity boost to employees – while lyric music tends to be a distraction. Therefore, they believe music should be free of lyrics to promote a high output when working from home. 

3. Work Routine

Small details that used to trouble you at the office, such as lousy coworkers’ sound, disappear when working remotely. However, things like repetitive tasks or draining Zoom meetings will always be there. So, make music one of your allies! 

A study by the JAMA Network shows that music improves psychological mood when doing repetitive tasks. Music helps keep the concentration without focusing too much on repetitions. And you can keep your positive attitude even with the worst week tasks! 

4. Performance

While for years, people thought listening to Mozart would have made kids genius – the so-called Mozart Effect -more recent studies demonstrated cognitive tasks’ perceived improvement because listening to Wolfgang Amadeus improves mood and attitude while working. That is to say, if you are too distracted to work, some days there is simply nothing you can do. However, music can help you fight those days, and find a better mood and balance between hard work and relaxation. 

5. Creativity

Mind-Wandering is activated by music and helps the imagination to start working. When we let our mind think freely about nothing specific, all creativity sensors turn on; that’s what happens when we play some music and stop steering, allowing thoughts to flow without conscious control. Therefore, listening to music when working from home may promote creative thinking in efficient and productive ways.

FAQ around Best Music for Working from Home

What’s the best type of music to listen to while working?

Generally speaking, there is no universal scientific rule that tells you exactly which type of work from home music will make you focus the most. 
While waiting for scientific results, we can rely on common sense. For example, if you need to focus and write an important report, lyric music or video game sounds are going to distract you without bringing any benefit. On the other hand, electronic or ambient music can create the right background atmosphere to focus on without getting too stressed. 
So, in general, music without a complex structure or dominant lyrics are recommended. However, you need to also consider your habits and routine. Music might be a distraction if you are not used to it. Or some of your tasks require silence, like setting up a movie or promotional video. 

What songs help you work faster? 

Researchers worldwide claimed that classical music is the winner of this contest – remember the “the Mozart Effect”? However, classical music isn’t the only one able to enhance brain activity and make you work faster. For example, electronic or white noises help keep a fast-paced and high focus while working. Besides research, you need to explore what’s working for you based on your mood and type of task.

Get Inspired with Music While Working From Home

One of the perks of working from home is listening to the music you like without having office interruptions. You can experiment and discover which type of music helps you to be the most productive version of yourself. It may be a calm and soft melody to focus on. Or a loud, energetic piece might help you boost your energy levels. So, feel your mood and choose the right music for you! 


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