Nomad Rescue: New App For Digital Nomads

apps for digital nomads

“The Nomads,” a Croatian graduate students team, launches a new app for digital nomads. Thanks to Algebra University College students, it will be easier for digital nomads and travelers to navigate the country.

Croatia was one of the first countries to launch a visa for digital nomads. From local hubs to government initiatives, the country attracts remote workers and travelers worldwide. And Algebra University keeps up with the trend.

The two-years college course aims to improve students’ entrepreneurial skills and connect them to startup incubators and mentors. In addition, instead of final tests, this practical teaching method values individual performance within the team results. As a result, graduate students implemented their course following this trend, creating an app for digital nomads. 

Nomad Rescue: New App For Traveles Working Remotely in Croatia

“The Nomads” are a group of students from software engineering, digital marketing, and data science. Analyzing the digital nomad lifestyle, the group developed the “Nomad Rescue,” a one-stop-shop app for travelers and remote workers. 

In short, the app aims to simplify the process of relocating to different locations as a digital nomad. So, the Nomad Rescue app is a social network integrating a longer-stay search accommodation program. And users can use the app to meet other digital nomads and find cozy accommodation in a new location. Finally, the app also includes a ‘virtual guide’ for those who want to extend their stay longer. 

Since the pandemic started, the digital nomad trend has been exponentially growing. And most employees don’t want to go back to the office and prefer hybrid and flexible work models. As a result, most countries are following Croatia’s example by launching attractive visa schemes. And even for this new app for digital nomads, Croatia can be an example for other countries. 

The Nomads team:

  • Andro Žonja and Ivan Jakovljević (software engineering) 
  • Nina Tudor, Marta Krznar and Filip Puljić (digital marketing) 
  • Antonio Akrapović and Mateja Novaković (data science)

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