Survey: Americans Expect to Work Remotely for the Rest of 2022 and Longer

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A recent survey conducted by Gallup of 4,034 adults found out that most full-time employees expect to continue working from home for the rest of 2022 and longer. Additionally, the main reason U.S. employees want to continue working remotely is to avoid commuting.

During this past year, many surveys revealed what employees and employers feel about working remotely. The latest survey conducted by Gallup reconfirms once again that most employees want to continue with flexible arrangements and expect employers to offer them for the rest of 2022.

Gallup Survey Results

Gallup conducted a poll in September to 4,034 adults and found out that many of them are still working remotely, and the majority expect to continue like that for the rest of 2022 and longer. These are some of its main findings:

  • 45% of full-time workers in the September survey said they were working from home – including 25% who said they are exclusively working from home and 20% said they are working from home some of the time. 
  • 75% remote workers surveyed said their employers will allow them to continue working from home at least ‘’on some basis.’’ 
  • 27% said they expect to work fully remote.
  • 61% said they expect a hybrid schedule
  • 9% of employees don’t expect remote work at all.

A separate Gallup poll from this year focused on exploring the reasons why employees prefer working from home than the office. The biggest reason (52%) for employees is to avoid commuting. Other reasons are:

  • 44% said it was better for their well-being
  • 37% said it was because they need more flexibility to address personal problems like family and other obligations
  • 35% said they were more productive
  • 29% of employees believe they have fewer distractions

Additionally, the Gallup survey found out that working remotely is so important to employees that losing that option would make them strongly reconsider looking for employment with another organization. 


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