New Co-working Space for Working Parents

co-working space childcare

Las Vegas_ Skyluna launches a co-working space for working parents.

In the hearth Town Square Las Vegas, Skyluna co-working offers a hybrid space to combine working hours and childcare. 

After the grand opening, founder Briana Carroll said: “Our mission at Skyluna is to provide a safe and nurturing space for both parents and children to cultivate their creativity and productivity, explore with autonomy, and build relationships.” 

Almost 70% of the 6,175-square-foot space is for children’s classes and play areas to ensure a healthy and educational environment. In addition, the space for working parents provides: 

  • Co-working spaces 
  • Four private offices 
  • Conference rooms 
  • Phone booths

Childcare is a worldwide challenge for working parents. In Nevada, child costs can range from $754 to $95/month (think tank Economic Policy Institute). So, Skyluna aims to provide an affordable workplace. Monthly membership rates range from $740 to $1,600, combining the different needs of working parents. 

The co-working offers care for children between 2 months and 7 years old, with a max of 14 children. The total capacity is for 132 people to guarantee educational programs, yoga and mindfulness classes, and numerous activities to build an inclusive community. 

This co-working space for working parents is another example of a growing trend. People seek a different solution to combine personal and professional life thanks to remote work flexibility. And a creative environment to grow professionally closer to their families.

Image source: Skyluna


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