Expensive Childcare In The UK Impacts The Job Market

expensive childcare

In the UK, 1 in 5 people considers quitting their current job position due to expensive childcare.

A recent study by Easy Offices, interviewed 2000 UK workers about parental leave, childcare costs, and work benefits. And results show that 17% of people are considering quitting their job due to expensive childcare. 

As companies ask employees to go back to the office, most people struggle with their childcare and parental leaves. Among the most problematic professions regarding childcare, the study indicstes: sales, media, and marketing (35.2%); retail, catering, and leisure (35.2%); and Finance (34.7%).

Here are the key findings of UK expensive childcare and parental leaves: 

  • 1 in 5 UK workers considers quitting their jobs due to expensive childcare. 
  • 18% of UK families want children but cannot afford the costs.
  • 23% said they would consider a lower salary for remote positions or better parental benefits.
  • Most respondents would take a 9% salary cut in exchange for childcare vouchers.
  • 24.1% of London residents, 22.6% in Birmingham, and 20.9% in Liverpool, don’t have children because of high costs.
  • 37% of couples under 25 decided not to have children because of expensive childcare.

Here are data about childcare costs for each UK city:

UK City% Opting for no kids duet to childcare costs

The plan of returning to the office impacts workers from different points of view. Expensive childcare is a problem again, and more flexible work arrangements can be the first step to supporting workers across the country. 


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