Better Tech Infrastructure for Remote Teams 

Tech Infrastructure Remote Teams 

According to a Verizon Business report, over 2 in 3 small businesses have better tech infrastructure to run remote teams. 

After over two years of restrictions and remote work, tech companies have updated their devices to improve virtual security and workflow. Furthermore, most small businesses have improved their tech infrastructure to run remote teams. 

Moreover, after over two years, Verizon report finds more businesses that rely on better tech infrastructure to run remote teams.

Key findings of tech infrastructure and remote teams:

  • 77% of small and midsize businesses have upgraded technologies such as high-speed internet to support connectivity. And 62% transitioned to full remote, while 52% returned to the office. 
  • Because of these better technologies for remote work, 77% of owners have expanded or are expanding into a new market. Furthermore, 63% have transitioned to digital operations, and 73% have added communications networking hardware.
  • As a result, 56% of managers saw an improved employee’s morale. And 62% say collaboration is better compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  • In the past year, 55% of businesses hired new employees, and 51% created new positions. However, 60% have struggled to fill open positions. In fact, half of the respondents started hiring non-local talent. 
  • 88% say offering flexible schedules is crucial to attracting and retaining talent.
  • Almost 40% of managers added net-new remote work or flex work hours during the pandemic – 79% is offering remote incentives to attract and retain employees.
  • 73% believe in the necessity of offering a stipend for home internet services.

In conclusion, the report shows that small businesses improved their strategies to run remote teams. 71% of small and midsized business decision-makers confirm they are better organized than a year ago. And tech infrastructures are an ally to growing and improving team workflows. Finally, 65% of business owners improved their mental health and wellness programs during the pandemic.


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