Dallas: Companies embrace remote hiring to expand the talent pool

remote hiring

Even with vaccination campaigns kicking off, most US companies embrace remote hiring to expand their talent pool

Before the pandemic, candidates could find less than 3% of well-paid remote jobs ($80,000/year). After over two years, salaries for remote positions increased up to 18.8% in December. And by the end of 2022, statistics expect a quarter of high-paying remote jobs in the US.

While most companies opt for remote arrangements, managers struggle in finding talented candidates. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11 million job openings popped up in December – 55% more than the pandemic. As a result, most managers embrace remote hiring to expand their talent pool. 

For example, in Dallas, 64% of managers increased the number of qualified applicants thanks to remote hiring. These results are 10% higher than US national results. Even if 44% of managers struggle in assessing candidates’ skills with virtual interviews, most companies are adjusting to remote onboarding and virtual teams. 

Here are some companies embracing remote hiring in the Dallas-Fort Worth region:

ThinkWhy is a software services company. After offering hybrid arrangements, the company attracted a wider pool of candidates. In the end, they hired over six hires from other states. 

New York Life Insurance Co. adopted a hybrid work plan. Managers and support staff can go to the office just a few days a week. And financial advisers (most positions) can work fully remote, expanding the talent pool.

Remote hiring work because most employees are more efficient working from home — from 15% to over 35% more. So, remote work remains a strategy to improve company diversity, attract talent, and allow more flexibility.


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