Wavy Improves Hybrid and Digital Workplace Connectivity

hybrid and digital workplace connectivity

Startup Wavy raised $2.5 million to improve hybrid and digital workplace connectivity.

Wavy is a culture management platform. And the startup provides collaborative experiences to build remote company culture and virtual team engagement. 

With the new round of funding, the startup aims to improve hybrid and digital workplace connectivity. From beer tastings to stand-up comedy or games, the team experiences happen live and digitally. Furthermore, Wavy plans to build an engineering and product team and improve a sales side startup.

Laconia Capital led the round. And Garage Capital, Two Small Fish Ventures, Archangel, and Backbone Angels were among the leading investors. Laconia Capital managing partner Geri Kirilova said: “With over 80 percent of companies choosing remote and hybrid work for the future, the challenge of establishing culture and community has never been clearer. Every company is searching for ways to combat a lack of connection, increased employee burnout, decreased morale, and talent churn. Wavy’s holistic approach tackles the problem head-on, bringing a fresh approach and a big vision to an underserved category.”

After the remote work revolution, hybrid and digital workplace connectivity are crucial to improve productivity and teamwork. The startup believes that remote company culture is essential for: 

New strategies to improve connectivity in the hybrid and digital workplace are a top concern for managers and employees. With the rise of remote arrangements, companies need to build a healthy culture to maximize their productivity with distributed teams. 


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