Best US Cities For Freelancing 

US cities freelancing

As for remote work, most people are opting for freelancing arrangements to have a flexible work schedule and improve their work-life balance. Here are the best 25 US cities for freelancing!

According to marketing consultant Edelman’s survey, over 90 million will be freelancing by 2028. On the one hand, companies prefer flexible arrangements to reduce company costs. On the other hand, most people jumped into the remote work revolution to have a better schedule. 

So, as for remote workers, new rankings to find the best US cities for freelancing started to appear. 24/7 Tempo reviewed several US cities on ToolTester. The analysis included 14 matrices like tax rates, co-working spaces costs, availability, transport, logistics, Wi-fi costs, etc. 

Here is the 24/7 Tempo review of the best cities for freelancing in 2022: 

1. Dallas, TX (Score: 79.4)

2. Jacksonville, FL (Score: 76.4)

3. Houston, TX (Score: 76)

4. Memphis, TN (Score: 76)

5. Indianapolis, IN (Score: 74.8)

6. Kansas City, MO (Score: 74.3)

7. Salt Lake City, UT (Score: 74.1)

8. Knoxville, TN (Score: 73.1)

9. Denver, CO (Score: 72.6)

10. Miami, FL (Score: 72.6)

11. Durham, NC (Score: 72.4)

12. Charlotte, NC (Score: 71.9)

13. Tampa, FL (Score: 71.2)

14. Irving, TX (Score: 70.9)

15. Fort Worth, TX (Score: 70.5)

16. Plano, TX (Score: 68.9)

17. Philadelphia, PA (Score: 67.7)

18. St.Louis, MO (Score: 67.2)

19. Raleigh, NC (Score: 67.2)

20. Fort Lauderdale, FL (Score: 67.1)

21. Atlanta, Georgia (Score: 66.4)

22. Mesa, AZ (Score: 65.8)

23. Chattanooga, TN (Score: 65.4)

24. Milwaukee, WI (Score: 65.3)

25. New Orleans, LA (Score: 65.3)

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, people changed their priorities about work and locations. And seek cities for freelancing and remote work are the most favorite. 

If you want some advice to start freelancing, have a look here


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