Asheville: Fastest-growing US Tech Hub 

US tech hub

Since a few years, Asheville has been one of the fastest-growing US tech hubs. After the pandemic, the town confirms its position. 

While most cities offered convenient incentives to remote workers, people moved back to smaller, more affordable centers. Asheville is mainly known as a low-key city, with a population of under 100.000 people. However, Asheville’s entrepreneurial scene has been growing in the past few years. 

As a result, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team recently ranked Ashville the 7th fastest-growing US tech hub. In short, this fast growth mainly depends on three reasons: 

1. Ecosystem

The small city is a dynamic center for remote workers and digital nomads. Networking events like 1 Million Cups, AVL Digital Nomads, or Meet the Geeks happen regularly. And it’s easier for locals and travelers to meet new people in the same business and expand their professional network. In addition, the city provides several startup mentorship programs and co-working spaces to support startups and entrepreneurs growing their businesses. 

2. Digital nomads

Asheville ranks as one of the best destinations for digital nomads. More than a US tech hub, the city is becoming a vibrant center for long-stay travelers seeking professional inspiration. 

3. Local culture

Finally, Asheville offers a dynamic and innovative startup scene. From podcast to annual venture awards, the city is one of the best locations to launch new businesses, reduce costs, and grow a professional business.

After the pandemic, people no longer feel forced to move to big cities to get high-paying jobs. And smaller centers like Ashville become new US tech hubs offering new opportunities and a lower-cost lifestyle. 

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