Zoom Acquires Employee Communication Software Workvivo

Zoom conference
Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

Zoom has acquired Workvivo, a business that offers software for employee engagement and communication.

By keeping staff members informed, involved, and connected in today’s hybrid work environment, this acquisition will assist Zoom in strengthening its experience offering.

The platform from Workvivo enables businesses to communicate with their workforce, provide business updates, and honor employee accomplishments. Remote and hybrid work have increased in the last two years. Therefore, Workvivo’s services are now crucial for businesses that want to maintain a sense of community and connection with their workforce.

With this acquisition, Zoom hopes to improve the collaboration and communication solutions it provides enterprises by integrating Workvivo’s technology into its platform. In its efforts to go beyond video calling and compete against other communication and collaboration platforms, Zoom is making a huge leap with this latest acquisition.

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