According to Zoom Chief People Office, “Flexibility for Our Employees is Top Of Mind”

Zoom meeting

In a recent study by Zoom and Morning Consult, over 90% of senior leaders said they prefer hybrid or remote work rather than in-person only. The popular virtual meetings platform said they would continue adopting a flexible work model as it has worked best for managers and employees.

While not everyone agrees that remote work is here to stay, some companies prioritize their employee’s preferences. Hybrid work continues to be the mainstream, providing enough flexibility and onsite interactions.

Zoom’s Flexible Policies

Zoom adopted a hybrid work model after the pandemic and realized this policy worked for them. They increased their sales by 326% in 2020, as the platform became one of the main tools in remote work teams. 

According to Matthew Saxon, Zoom’s chief people officer, flexibility is the company’s main priority (HRD):

“Flexibility for our employees is top of mind. In our future-of-work model, our employees get to choose their preferred work style. Given the outstanding success of remote work, we’re not pressing for office re-openings. Instead, we’re gradually integrating it as a part of our hybrid model. We’re continuing to learn and adjust as building a great program to bring teams and employees together is incredibly important.”


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