Texas: More Work From Home Options for Federal Employees 

work from home options for federal employees

On Wednesday, the Texas Senate Business and Commerce Committee discussed expanding work from home options for feral employees. 

After the significant attempt to return to the office full-time, most employees experienced burnout. The sudden lack of flexibility, commute costs, and traffic overwhelm employees across different industries. As a result, Texas Senate is discussing more work from home options for federal employees. 

As David Schrank, principal investigator at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, says: “With the expected growth in Texas with a population of nearly 50 million in the coming decades, some of these issues will be magnified.” 

According to their data, 19% of federal employees are based in Austin. So, allowing more work from home options will help decrease traffic and facilitate other office workers. 68% of TWC employees work from home at least two days a week, reducing commute time for the staff. And they had more applicants after introducing flexible options. 

However, it’s still a work in progress. At the moment, the committee didn’t release official legislation, partly because some offices require physical work. But Texas government is working to improve work from home option. After all, it supports employees’ well-being. And it’s a strategy to improve mobility within the city. 


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