West Lafayette is Offering a Stipend for Remote Workers

Purdue campus in West Lafayette

West Lafayette, Indiana, is offering a stipend to those who move to the city. The initiative is part of the city’s relocation project that focuses on attracting remote workers.

The pandemic made different cities reinvented with initiatives to attract more people. The main reason for many of them was to boost the economy and populate their areas more. West Lafayette is currently motivating people to relocate to the city, offering a stipend for those willing to.

West Lafayettes Initiative to Attract Remote Workers

According to Erin Easter, West Lafayette Director of Development, the project is for people willing to relocate to the city. There is a small stipend involved. However, there are also certain requirements.

“The program requirements are high-earners who can work remotely and are willing to relocate to West Lafayette.”

The approved funds between the city and the Purdue Research Foundation are not to exceed $50,000.

Additionally, the city partnered with Country Villa for a proposed CDBG-funded playground.

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