New Virtual Co-working To Boost Productivity

virtual co-working

Flow Club launches a virtual co-working to boost remote teams’ productivity. 

During the pandemic, it became clear that remote work can improve productivity for companies leaving space for better work-life balance. However, numerous challenges impact distributed teams’ workflow. For tech equipment to time zones, some employees struggled in maintain high productivity over time.  

And most remote workers see video calls and meetings as one of the biggest sources of distraction from daily tasks. So, the new app Flow Club hosts a virtual co-working to encourage productivity sessions. 

Users can stay on the call for an hour, even without talking the whole time. They introduce what they will do initially and recap their achievements at the end. The 50 minutes in between are for productive work. 

The app allows joining virtual co-working sessions with colleagues or friends. Users can even organize meetings based on themes, like writing sessions or focusing on important tasks. The number of participants also depends on the meeting requirements. 

The company Worklife Ventures raised $5 million in funding. As a result, app users can pay $40/month for about six sessions per week. Flow Club isn’t the first app launching virtual co-working sessions as a solution for productivity and teamwork. For example, Focusmate pairs one-on-one “accountability partners” to improve collaboration. 

During the past years, tech companies launched new updates and tech devices to improve remote workflow. Employers and employees seek new solutions to work from home, optimizing time and quality even in a post-pandemic scenario. And a virtual co-working space can be a new option to test.


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