39% of Businesses Increased Their Productivity With Remote Work During The Pandemic

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The Reshaping Productivity report by The Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that 39% of respondents believe that there was an increase in productivity in their businesses since the pandemic made most of them implement remote work practices. 

Before the pandemic, one of the major benefits remote organizations experienced was productivity. For most remote leaders, the office environment was distracting, and employees couldn’t fully focus due to the constant interruptions. Remote work, on the other hand, enables employees to set their own working environment. 

Now that remote work was mandatory in most organizations, employers started seeing the changes in productivity despite the stressful situation around the globe.

Reshaping Productivity Report Results 

The Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed more than 360 business executives. The purpose of the survey was to analyze the implications of remote work on organizations, employees, and productivity. They conducted in-depth interviews with experts in different fields and from recognized companies such as Google.

The results show that:

  • 39% of survey respondents witnessed an increase in productivity since the pandemic forced them to adopt remote work practices.
  • 32.6% reported a decline in productivity.
  • 28.5% saw no change in productivity during the pandemic.

One of the conclusions from the study was that there is a strong correlation between increased productivity and the organizations that supported their employees, providing them the necessary equipment and digital tools. 

Mark Vella, Head of Marketing & Strategy at Kyocera Document, explained:

‘’Those that have invested heavily in the right tools to enable their employees to work from home are definitely benefiting in terms of productivity gains, business continuity and resilience, and innovation in the current environment.’’ 

Check out the full report here. 


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