Smart Packing: The Best Travel Gadgets to Streamline Your Trip

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Do You Want To Make Your Nomadic Lifestyle Easier When On The Move? 

Being a digital nomad, your home office is where you are. You can sit anywhere and open your laptop to work. But can you accomplish any tasks if you are sitting in the middle of a noisy café or the middle of nowhere? Here´s when travel gadgets come in handy! 

With no IT department or supply closet to turn to, the best you can do is purchase the best travel tech gadgets that help you get the job done. Want to know what these are? No need to do research because we have done that for you.

Let’s dive in.

7 Travel Gadgets Every Digital Nomad Needs

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

You never know when you may end up working from a public space or café and have to deal with noise distractions. Even if you choose to go to a coworking center, you may run into people taking online meetings, causing disruption in your work. This is where noise-canceling headphones are so valuable. 

These are some of the best options on the market.

1. Beats

The Beat Studio 3 wireless comes with an Apple W1 chip and delivers excellent sound quality. It has many good features, but its battery life and connectivity stand out the most. So, whether you are at a café or a park, you can drown out the entire world and get on with your work. 

2. Soundcore

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 ANC can prove to be a good choice if you are worried about active noise cancellation during your work hours. This particular nomad equipment will not disappoint you, from battery life to sound quality and physical controls.


Available in rose gold and black, INFURTURE’s noise-canceling headphones are pretty stunning. But that is not all that there is to them. These travel gadgets are compatible with Bluetooth and can be worn for long periods of time due to their memory foam ear cups. 

This foam also gives you great noise cancellation and allows you to work without getting distracted by noise. 

2. Power Converter

A power converter should be one of the first travel gadgets on your digital nomad checklist. Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, you will need to have a good power converter handy to charge your devices, making sure that your laptop does not fry or you don’t blow a fuse in the hotel. 


BESTEK is a popular option among digital nomads, especially because it is reasonably priced and has many useful features. You can charge up to seven devices at once and even use its international adapters. Another good thing about this travel tech gadget is that it comes with several voltage options. 


This power converter from EPICKA can easily be carried anywhere since it is pretty light in weight. It comes with four retractable prongs and can be used in over 150 countries due to its many voltage options. 

3. Targus

Targus’s power adapter is pretty popular mainly because it can be connected to outlets everywhere. Whether you are visiting North America, Europe, the Pacific, Australia, or the U.K., you can just plug in your chargers anywhere.

The tube design of this travel tech gadget also comes with three interchangeable adapters for AC power cords. 

3. Power Bank

Since you are mostly on the go, it is essential for you to have a means for charging your device. Remember, you also have to work, which means that it is especially important for you to keep your electronics juiced up. 

1. Miady

Miady’s power bank is believed to be a lifesaver, as it can keep four phones charged throughout the day. As a traveler, the last thing you need is a dead phone or laptop, which is where these power banks come in.

You can easily fit this one in your pocket and begin charging no matter where you are. The best part is that two devices can be plugged in at the same time, and Miady’s power pack will get the job done. 

2. Anker

The Anker PowerCore 20100 can generate enough power to fully charge a Google Pixel 2, iPhone 8, and Samsung Galaxy s9 multiple times during the day. It also comes with two USB ports and can speed up the charging process. 

4. Portable WiFi Hotspot

When you are working as a digital nomad, you cannot guarantee that you will have secure and reliable WiFi everywhere. This is why most people pick mobile hotspots as one of their tech gadgets for travel.

1. GlocalMe

If you do not want to fuss with your current data plan, you can always buy this mobile hotspot from GlocalMe. It is attractive, lightweight, and similar in size to a smartphone. The good thing is that it can work in more than 100 countries and offer you 1GB of 4G LTE data. 

Feel free to use this hotspot for over 10 hours and fast-charge other devices using its USB-C port. 

2. Verizon

Verizon’s jetpack 8800L is an excellent WiFi hotspot that offers robust connectivity to LTE. But that is not all that it offers. The touchscreen controls of this device make it easy to use, and a long battery life delivers internet for around 24 hours. 

3. Alcatel

Alcatel’s WiFi hotspot can deliver excellent connectivity to at least 15 devices at once. This is due to the GSM networks it uses that provide no less than 6 hours of use. 

5. External Hard Drive

Everyone knows that data is important, which is why you need to take good care of its storage. It is one of the top must-have travel gadgets for those looking to back up their important files while they are on the road. 

1. Samsung

One of the main reasons for this hard drive’s popularity is its reasonable price. The SSD is reliable, speedy, portable, and lightweight. You can carry it around in your pocket or keep it in your backpack; it is up to you!

2. SanDisk

One of the most appealing features of this hard disk is its credit card dimensions. It also does not weigh much, has a robust construction, and has a fast USB-C interface to transfer large files. If you are a graphic designer and have digital videos on your devices, you can quickly transfer them using SanDisk’s gadget. 

3. Seagate

If you have huge amounts of data in your device that you may need to keep safe on your travels, Seagate is the product for you. It is known for being reliable and inexpensive and can quickly transfer all your important documents and such. 

6. E-Reader

Living a life on the go means that you often have some extra time on your hands. While some people want to use this time to catch up on tv shows, others want to read. But you cannot carry heavy books with you everywhere you go. This is why you need to purchase an e-reader along with the rest of your travel gadgets. 

1. Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite offers the best mix of features at a reasonable price, which will not cause you to break the bank. It also comes with a waterproof design, a flat front panel, and loads of books at your disposal.

2. Kobo

One of the reasons why Kobo’s Libra is well-liked is that it is lightweight and able to support several kinds of formats. It can also easily access materials from public libraries, so you are bound to have a large collection of books to choose from as you travel through the mountains. 

7. Tablet

Glamorous and newly minted tablets are quickly replacing spiral notebooks. You will need one to make to-do lists on the go, scroll through your favorite social media apps, watch YouTube videos and much more.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

This tablet is quite stunning to look at, with a fast-charging USB port and the Galaxy Ecosystem Experience. It also has an LCD screen so you can browse and type with ease. 

2. iPad

You cannot think of a tablet and not consider Apple’s iPad. It is a stunning and device-compatible option, which could prove to be one of the best decisions you make. The best thing is that it can store up to 256GB of data.

8. Lightweight Laptop

A laptop will go a long way to help you organize your digital workplace. This is why you need to make sure that the one you are carrying is lightweight so that you can easily carry it to a beach or café and not add too much weight to your luggage. 

1. MacBook Air

The 2022 Apple Macbook Air is said to be more powerful than the rest of the models in terms of processing speed and features. This is mainly due to the Apple M2 chip that has been placed at its core. It is thinner and lighter than its predecessors and has a long battery life to allow you to work in peace. 

2. Dell

The DELL XPS is a good quality, light, and thin laptop. It is known for its premium design, excellent keyboard, and vibrant display. 

3. Asus

Asus Zenbook S13 has a 13.3-inch touch display, which makes everything appear smoother on the screen. It has excellent colors, which makes it especially good for creative professionals. So, if you design posters or create art, this is a lightweight laptop for you. 

How To Pack Gadgets For Travel

1. Figure Out Your Mode Of Transportation

Whether you travel by road, train, or by air, you will need to follow different rules and regulations for each. There may also be restrictions when it comes to taking electronic devices. 

For example, if you are flying, you will have to keep in mind the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations on the types of gadgets you are allowed to carry.

2. Making A Packing List

A packing list will allow you to remember all the essentials that you have to take and that all your gadgets are ready to go. Here are a couple of things that you need to keep with you: 

  • Cables and cords
  • External chargers
  • Batteries
  • Protective covers or cases

3. Take A Small Carry-On Bag

The larger the bag, the more likely you are to add unnecessary things to take along with you. 

If you are not a savvy packer, be sure to choose a smaller bag, such as a specialty bag or a backpack. This will help you restrict the number of gadgets and gear you take. 

Making Your Life Easier With Travel Gadgets

It is exciting to read and talk about all these wonderful travel gadgets that you can use to make your nomadic lifestyle easier. If you have already started looking for tech equipment to make your life easier, the products above can help you along the way. Be sure to give them a try!


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