For Tech Companies Rejecting Remote Work Could Cost Them Talent

Amazon cloud computing

Amazon, Intel, PayPal, Pinterest, and other major tech companies acknowledged they could risk losing talent to competitors who offer benefits such as remote or hybrid work. Since the pandemic, remote work has been a key element to retain employees and attract talent. 

While remote work is not beneficial in the long run for some companies, many others differ primarily because of the risks it could take not embracing flexible policies.

The Risks of Rejecting Remote Work According to Major Companies

Through the pandemic, companies have stated their different work policies. For some, remote work can damage the work culture as there is less connection and collaboration. For others, it’s the other way around, and remote work provides a new structure where people work more productively. 

Here are some of the statements that major tech companies have made regarding remote work, according to CNBC:


“In addition, changes we make to our current and future work environments may not meet the needs or expectations of our employees or may be perceived as less favorable compared to other companies’ policies, which could negatively impact our ability to hire and retain qualified personnel.”


“Our future work strategy and our continued efforts related to employee onboarding, training and development, and retention may not be successful. Further, our future work strategy is continuing to evolve and may not meet the needs of our existing and potential future employees, and they may prefer work models offered by other companies.”


“Competitors for technical talent increasingly seek to hire our employees, and the increased availability of work-from-home arrangements, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has both intensified and expanded competition.”


“The loss of the services of any of our key personnel, or our inability to attract, hire, develop, motivate and retain key and other highly qualified and diverse talent, whether in a remote or in-office environment, or address the safety, health, and productivity of our workforce could harm our overall business and results of operations.”


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