15 Free Self-Care Apps to Boost Your Well-Being as a Remote Worker

Self care apps

How Can Self-Care Apps Improve Your Mental Health? 

According to a survey conducted by Meru Health, 79% of people who used their self-care apps reported a reduction in their stress levels. This statistic underscores the effectiveness of modern self-care solutions in promoting general well-being.

To help you incorporate self-care into your daily routine, we’ve compiled a list of 15 free self-care apps available on both iOS and Android devices. These apps offer a variety of self-care activities, including mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and sleep.

It’s important to note that these apps should not be viewed as a substitute for professional help. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, it’s essential to seek professional treatment.

Free self care apps

What Are Self-Care Apps and Why Should You Care?

Self-care apps are mobile applications designed to help individuals with self-improvement and self-healing, both mentally and physically. They can be used to track mental health symptoms, manage stress, improve sleep, and engage in mindfulness practices.

study conducted by Morning Consult, a business intelligence firm, revealed that two in five US adults are currently using health apps, marking a significant increase of 6 percentage points since 2018. 

These are some of the key benefits of using self-care apps: 

benefits of using self care apps
  • Social connection: Self-care apps can provide a sense of connection and community, as well as offer resources for managing feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Stress relief: These apps can provide tools and resources for managing stress and anxiety, such as guided meditations, calming sounds, journaling prompts, and relaxation exercises.
  • Daily habits: Apps dedicated to self-care can also be a great tool to help people maintain daily habits. It can be used to track and improve habits related to physical health, such as exercise, healthy nutrition while working, hydration, nutrition, sleep, and even focus and concentration. 

15 Free Self-Care Apps To Work From Home

1. Meetup – App to Meet People


Meetup connects people with similar interests and hobbies, allowing them to organize and attend events and activities in their local area. Users can join existing groups or create their own. 

2. Water Drink Reminder 

Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder helps users track their daily water intake and reminds them to stay hydrated. The app allows customization of water intake goals and provides statistics on progress. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

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3. Forest: Stay focused


Forest helps users stay focused by planting virtual trees that grow when they stay off their phones. The app also offers the ability to whitelist certain apps or websites. 

4. Breathing Space 

Breathing space

Breathing Space offers guided breathing exercises to help users reduce stress and anxiety. Users can select from a variety of exercises based on their needs. We recommend you this app, especially if you are struggling with digital burnout

5. Nature Sounds 

Nature sounds

Nature Sounds provides a variety of soothing nature sounds to help users relax and sleep. Users can create customized soundscapes and set sleep timers. 

6. Sleep Cycle 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle tracks sleep patterns and provides insights into sleep quality. The app offers a variety of alarm options, including waking up to natural sounds or music. 

7. 7 Minute Workout

7 minute workout

7 Minute Workout offers a variety of high-intensity workouts that can be completed in seven minutes. Users can customize workouts based on their fitness level and goals. 

8. Aura: Meditation & Sleep


Aura is designed to help users reduce stress, and anxiety, and improve their sleep through guided meditations, personalized mindfulness exercises, and stories. 

The app offers a variety of sessions ranging from 3 to 30 minutes and allows users to customize their experience based on their preferences and goals. 

9. Happify 


Happify provides resources for improving mental health and overall well-being, including activities and games designed to reduce stress and increase happiness. The app offers personalized tracks based on users’ goals and preferences. 

This app reminds us of the importance of having a good internal dialogue and focusing on positive affirmations like “I can handle this, I’m capable, I can do this!” (because it’s true 🙂).

10. Fooducate


Fooducate nutrition and diet tracking app that offers personalized insights and recommendations for healthier eating habits. It analyzes food labels and provides a grade for each item.

11. Insight Timer 


Insight Timer is a meditation and sleep app with a large library of guided meditations and talks from experts. It offers customizable meditation sessions and sleep sounds.

12. Fabulous 


Fabulous is a habit-forming and motivational app that helps users improve their daily routine and overall well-being. It provides personalized coaching to create healthy habits and reach goals.

13. Mood Tracker, Self-Care Habits 

Mood Tracker

Mood Tracker is a mood and self-care tracker app that helps users identify patterns and make positive changes to their routines. It offers mood logs, self-care activities, and reminders to promote mental health.

14. Flexibility Exercises, Stretch

Flexibility Exercises

Flexibility Exercises is an app that offers a variety of stretching exercises to promote flexibility and reduce muscle tension. It includes detailed instructions and videos for each stretch.

15. SuperBetter 


Superbetter is a resilience and self-improvement app that turns self-improvement into a game, helping users develop skills and improve their mental and emotional well-being. It provides challenges, quests, and social support to help users build resilience and achieve their goals.

Self-Care at Your Fingertips: The Cost-Effective Solution

Self-care apps can be a lifesaver for remote workers facing the unique challenges that come with working from home, whether you need help with mindfulness and meditation, emotional support, tracking habits, or staying hydrated.

These apps can be easily accessed on your mobile device and provide a cost-effective alternative to in-person therapy or counseling. However, it’s important to remember that these apps should be used in conjunction with other strategies and professional help if needed.

By adopting healthy habits, you can ensure working from home is a good experience for your body and mind. 


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