Seattle Best City for ‘Digital Nomads’

seattle city digital nomads

Seattle is the best U.S. city for digital nomads.

After over two years of the pandemic, the race for the best U.S. zoom town is still open. Now, Seattle ranks as the best city for nomads, followed by Chicago and Portland.

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, six in ten U.S. workers prefer to work from home the whole week when given the option. So, people have different priorities about housing and relocations. 

As a result of this moving trend, different platforms are exploring the best U.S. cities for digital nomads and remote workers. A recent report analyzed other U.S. cities to find out the best areas to relocate to work remotely. 

Among ranking factors, the study included wi-fi speed, proximity to national parks, state recreation areas, airports, average annual temperature, and so on.

The study explored 100 US cities for digital nomads, listing the best and worse to work remotely. 

According to their analysis, here are the best 10 U.S. cities to work from home: 

  1. Seattle, WA 
  2. Portland, OR 
  3. Chicago, IL 
  4. Atlanta, GA 
  5. San Jose, CA 
  6. Washington, D.C.  
  7. San Francisco, CA 
  8. New York City, NY 
  9. Philadelphia, PA 
  10. Denver, CO 

So, Seattle is the best city for digital nomads, offering a vibrant environment and affordable housing. 

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