Salesforce Leases a Wellness Retreat Center for Its Employees


Salesforce is taking culture workplace to another level. The software giant signed a booking agreement for a retreat center located in redwoods in Scotts Valley, California. The 75-acre center will work as a work-and-wellness center for its 70,000 employees. 

While many companies are still skeptical about returning to the office, for many CEOs, remote work is not an effective solution in the long term. However, Salesforce wants to balance remote work with team socializing, especially after thousands of employees haven´t met in person. Instead of forcing employees to return to the office, the software company leased a wellness center with yoga, hiking, and outdoor activities for its employees. 

Salesforce New Wellness Center

Salesforce retreat center
Source: Salesforce

10,000 employees are expected to visit the wellness center throughout the year. The idea is that the trips last a minimum of two nights, with the possibility of a longer stay. 

Last year, Salesforce talked about having employees return to the offices on a specific date. However, while returning is still on the plans, the wellness center has a different purpose. The wellness retreat, known as “Trailblazer Ranch,” will allow workers to decamp for corporate training and team bonding. The center will also be used to orient and onboard new hires. 

The center, which used to be home to a small Christian college, has over 140 rooms, gathering spaces with outdoor fire pits, theaters, a pong, among other spaces.

According to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff:

“We’ve hired thousands of employees who have never met in person. Trailblazer Ranch will give us and our stakeholders a way to forge deeper relationships [and] experience our culture in a whole new way.”

Internal surveys showed that over 77% of employees wanted to connect and bond in person with their teams. 


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