CRED Founder Controversial “Comfortable But Damaging” Tweet on Remote Work 

Working from home

Kunal Shah, Founder of fintech company CRED, started a heated discussion over Twitter when he shared this take on remote work. He tweeted that working from home can be “comfortable but damaging” in the long run. 

In his tweet, Kunal compared working from home to studying at home. He said that while it can have short-term benefits in the long term, remote work doesn’t foster social skills. This led to many other professionals starting a discussion against Kunal´s primary statement.

Kunal Shah tweet about remote work

While some people agree that working from home can make you feel disconnected from your team, or that it could make it challenging to establish social bonds, many others strongly disagreed:

Kunal Kashif tweet
Sergio Pereira tweet
Shivang Chaturvedi tweet

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