Rockford: A ‘Premiere’ Event For Entrepreneurs

event for entrepreneurs

The city of Rockford launches a ‘premier’ event for entrepreneurs and remote business owners. 

After the pandemic, the city launched diverse initiatives to implement workplaces and opportunities for remote workers. Now, they have launched a competition for local inventors and entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. 

The Stateline Fast Pitch is an annual event for inventors. So they can prepare and share presentations on an open platform. The initiative stopped for two years because o the pandemic. However, the organization of the competition, EIGERlab, is ready to start over at the end of this year. 

As EIGERlab board president Chris Agnitsch said: “They’re working hard to put Fast Pitch back together. It’s always been a great day. We see exciting opportunities and look forward to being able to do Fast Pitch again.”

On Tuesday, they announced the premiere event for entrepreneurs. In addition, they announced $40,000 in American Rescue Plan funds from the Winnebago County Board to promote the competition. So, the organization will place the money to support different sides of the initiative. For example, $20,000 will be to hire an outreach and administrative coordinator to support local inventors with product development assistance. And $5,000 will go to the annual Fast Pitch competition. Finally, $15,000 will be a support for inventors to develop their products.

To conclude, this event for entrepreneurs and remote business owners responds to a growing trend. The new EIGERlab location includes a coworking space for businesses, promoting flexible workplace culture and networking. 


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