Remote Workers Save Up to $45 Per Day from Commutes and Meals

woman working from home

A survey conducted by Owl Labs, a company that builds hybrid work tools, revealed that employees who go to the office spend approximately $45 per day considering commuting and meals. The data came from a survey of 2,300 full-time US workers.  

When discussing the benefits of working from home, for many, it’s more about the work-life balance remote work enables. Less stress, more productivity, and more time to do other things rather than work. However, less discussed but equally important is the amount of money remote workers save. 

Working Remotely Saves You Money

A recent study by Owl Labs revealed how much money remote workers save. The number has increased due to inflation, and currently, those employees who go to the office are spending approximately $45 per day, considering meals and commuting. According to the survey, the extra daily costs of in-person work add up to $863 per month. This is twice as much as the $432 per month of those who work remotely. 

The major daily expenses include, in some cases, nearly $15 in commuting and $30 for meals. While some employees save more money by taking their lunch with them or avoiding buying coffee, working from home is still a financial benefit. 


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