Remote Work Boom for College Towns

remote work boom college towns

It’s a remote work boom for college towns. The pandemic contributed to decreasing the geographical salary gap. And because of remote work, most graduates prefer living in small centers.

It’s no secret that most Americans moved to more affordable cities thanks to remote work. And most states launched convenient initiatives to attract new residents working remotely. So, people changed their priorities, leaving big cities to improve their work-life balance. 

As a result, there is a remote work boom in college towns like Athens (Georgia); Knoxville (Tennessee); and Fayetteville (Arkansas). These cities have grown in popularity during the pandemic. First, they promoted convenient initiatives to retain college students. Second, they are closed to bigger centers like Atlanta, making commuting time feasible.

College towns offer a better quality of life. And remote work opens new job opportunities for graduate students. In addition, the wider pool of local talent creates new opportunities for employers to open satellite offices.

The remote work boom is opening new paths for the local working-class, incrementing the influx of new residents. Local leaders are working on this trend to improve their offers and employment opportunities. 

The remote work boom in college towns reflects a new post-pandemic work trend. Most people prefer flexible positions. And they prefer lower salaries to improve their well-being. In conclusion, college towns might enter the ‘US Zoom town league‘ for remote workers.


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