Best Remote Jobs in 2021

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Remote work is hogging the limelight in the work world. When a better work-life balance and a chance to live the nomadic lifestyle are the perks, why not? Most people prefer working remotely. The pandemic is responsible for forcing everyone to embrace the new way of working, but once everyone got into it, most realized that this should actually be a norm, pandemic or not. With this came an entire tsunami of employees and companies who chose to go remote. The increase in demand and supply of remote workers leads to an increase in remote jobs around the world. The best remote jobs are the ones that are not only feasible for remote work environments but also well-paying. 

If you really want to enjoy working remotely, it’s best to look for a remote job that fits what you want from your career in the future. Here are some of the best remote jobs that you might want to explore. If you have expertise in these fields, it’s great! If you don’t but want to, online courses can help you learn the required skills.

What are the Best Jobs to Work Remotely?

There are so many remote jobs that you can choose from! However, the best are those that pay you well too. As a digital nomad or even as a remote worker who works from home, you need a stable income to support all needs. According to, here are some of the best remote jobs that pay you more than 40,000 USD per year.

1. Graphic Designer

What does a graphic designer do?

  • Create visual representations of ideas using apps or software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. 
  • Create layouts and templates.
  • Create branding and marketing collaterals like logos, social media posts, and advertisements for the company or for the company’s clients. 

Who is this job for?

  • People who are creative. You need to have a sense of visualization in order to bring briefs to “graphic” life.
  • If you like to work with different styles and designs, then this is for you.
  • You need to have a fair sense of color combinations and visually appealing elements to be able to create good designs.
  • If you have a keen sense to learn all of the above, then it’s for you!

How much does a remote graphic designer get paid?

42,000 USD per year

2. Accountant

What does an accountant do?

  • An accountant prepares and reviews financial accounts and documents for businesses. 
  • They provide financial advice in order to maintain financial sustainability in a company.
  • They manage the company’s budget and expenses. 

Who is this job for?

  • Accounting is best suited for those who are skilled in mathematics, analytical thinking, and are well-versed with tax laws.
  • Accounting is a job that requires consistent observation and minimum errors. If you’re detail oriented and are disciplined enough to check documents/accounts over and over again then this is best suited for you.

How much does an accountant get paid?

54,000 USD per year

3. Digital Marketer

What does a digital marketer do?

  • A digital marketer works with online communication mediums such as email and social media platforms to attract users/customers for their employer’s business. 
  • They manage the company’s web presence which includes but is not limited to their website, blog, search engine rankings and online advertising.

Who is this job for?

  • Creative thinking for promoting content that sells is a quality that can help digital marketers thrive. So, if you’re a creative thinker, this is the perfect job for you.
  • Digital marketing also requires knowledge on analytics. If you’re someone who likes to learn new things and is able to evolve strategies with time, then this job will serve your curiosity well.

How much does a digital marketer get paid?

55,000 USD per year

4. Application Developer

What does an application developer do?

  • An App developer builds, tests and maintains applications for mobile phones, web browsers and computers.
  • They’re also responsible to keep refining the UX by bringing in new updates and testing the app time and again.

Who is this job for?

  • App developers usually work in small teams or independently and this makes remote work apt for them. If you’re someone who likes to work in a similar fashion, then this job is for you. 
  • App development has a lot of additional benefits in most companies like profit sharing models or stock options. If you’re ambitious and would like to have such opportunities for fast yet sustainable growth, then you can acquire the skills for an application developer to become one.
  • App developers are always in demand because everything these days is all about apps! Also, good app developers are hard to find because the job requires a lot of attention to detail and technical skills. If you’re someone who has these skills or is willing to learn them, then the remote job of an application developer will entice you.

How much does an app developer get paid?

86,000 USD per year

5. Content Writer

What does a content writer do?

  • Written content is produced every single day across the globe. The digital world is full of blogs, products and ads. A content writer and a copywriter do the job of weaving words in a way that attracts readers that eventually become consumers.
  • A content writer can take up any specialization. From creative writing for fictional books/blogs to technical writing for software companies, you can choose the one you have the skills for.
  • A content writer can write content for blogs, product descriptions, restaurant menus, brochures, guides and manuals, brand guidelines, social media ads, emails and newsletters, translations, the list is endless!

Who is this job for?

  • While it might seem like the job can be done by anyone, that is not the case. There is a difference between copy, good copy and great copy! If you feel that you express better in written words then go for creative writing.
  • If you’re detail oriented and like to put information in a detailed written format, then go for technical writing.
  • Whichever type of writing you choose, you need to ensure that you’re grammatically sound and are thorough with the basics of the language you’re writing in.

How much does a content writer get paid?

50,000 USD per year

Choose Your Best Remote Job  

These jobs are some of the best jobs for remote workers as they don’t require a physical presence. They require you to use your laptop, software (based on the job you pick) and a stable internet connection. While there are more options to choose from based on your current skill-set and expertise, these are some of the most flexible ones in terms of sustainability and growth.

Whether you already are a digital nomad or just starting out, know that there’s a lot of jobs out there for you that will pay you well for the skills you have to offer. Just sharpen your skills, get additional skills if needed and you’re ready to go!

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