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From having a better work-life balance to saving money, remote work is the real deal. And the good news is that because of the pandemic; companies are investing more than ever in hiring remotely. According to Indeed, remote work opportunities have doubled since COVID-19. But, which jobs are the most demanded in the market? How to increase your chances of getting a remote job? The answer is simple: By looking out for the best remote jobs.

But keep in mind that not every career is suitable for remote work. If you want to jump into the remote working world, matching your skills and experience with the jobs with the most access to remote work is the best way.

Let´s go over the top remote jobs in 2022

9 Best Remote Jobs in 2022

What are the best jobs to work remotely?  There are so many remote jobs that you can choose from! However, the best are those that pay you well too. As a digital nomad or even as a remote worker who works from home, you need a stable income to support all your needs. 

best remote jobs

Best Remote Jobs for Travelers

If you´re a digital nomad (or an aspiring one), it’s key to look for a job that adapts to your lifestyle. You need enough flexibility to work in different time zones and travel continually. Here are some of the best – and most demanded – remote jobs for travelers: 

1. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is a professional who creates visual concepts to communicate information. 


  • Create visual representations of ideas using apps or software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. 
  • Design layouts and templates.
  • Create branding and marketing collaterals like logos, social media posts, and advertisements for the company or for the company’s clients. 
  • Identify the best ways to communicate a company´s vision creatively. 
  • Select colors, images, and typography for diverse types of content.

Average salary: $42,000 per year (Indeed) 

2. Content Writer

A content writer is a specialist in producing engaging content for websites taking into account SEO best practices. They focus on writing informative and relevant content for a specific target audience.


  • A content writer and a copywriter write content to attract readers and generate leads.
  • Research industry-related topics to create content. 
  • A content writer can create content for blogs, product descriptions, restaurant menus, brochures, guides and manuals, brand guidelines, social media ads, emails and newsletters, translations, the list is endless!

Average salary: $50,000 per year (Indeed)  

3. Project Manager

A project manager focuses on organizing, planning, and executing projects considering schedules and budgets. They take care of the entire project and handle everything involved, including the team and resources.


  • Plan and develop the project idea
  • Optimize budget and resources
  • Monitor process and set deadlines
  • Solves roadblocks
  • Organize and motivates the team 

Average salary: $82,795 per year (Indeed)

Best Remote Jobs with a Bachelor´s Degree

While having a degree is no guarantee of landing a remote job, it still helps you stand out from the competition. A bachelor’s degree will help you have skills and the necessary knowledge for certain roles. These are some of the best remote jobs for professionals with a bachelor’s degree:

4. Accountant

An accountant is a professional who keeps, inspects, and analyses the financial accounts of a company or client. 


  • Prepare and review financial accounts and documents for businesses. 
  • Provide financial advice to maintain financial sustainability in a company.
  • Manage the company’s budget and expenses. 
  • Provide financial forecasting and risk analysis. 

Average salary: $54,000 per year (Indeed) 

5. Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the hot areas in the market currently. Companies need professionals who help them sell their brand successfully, and that´s exactly the role of a digital marketer.

A digital marketer uses digital channels to acquire new customers, increase a brand´s digital presence, and promote products and services. 


  • Work with online communication tools such as email and social media platforms to attract users/customers for their employer’s business. 
  • Manage the company’s web presence which includes but is not limited to their website, blog, search engine rankings, and online advertising.
  • Provides reports and analysis to clients demonstrating effective return of investment.
  • Create and apply content marketing strategies. 

Average salary: $55,000 per year (Indeed) 

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6. Application Developer

Application developers build applications for organizations and customers. They also focus on testing and maintaining the applications, ensuring that they work properly. 


  • Build applications or software that fulfills a company´s or client’s needs
  • Find solutions to deal with security threats and viruses
  • Carry out regular performance and security checks
  • Refine the UX by updating continually the application. 

Average salary: $86,000 per year (Indeed) 

Best Remote Jobs with Flexible Hours

Ironically, not all remote jobs are entirely flexible. Some require professionals to fulfill specific time arrangements. However, this mostly depends on companies. But, in general, these jobs are likely to have flexible working hours: 

7. Recruiter

Recruiters focus on helping a company to find, screen, and attract applicants for open positions. They search through different platforms for candidates, or potential candidates, who might be ideal for a job position. 


  • Identify hiring needs and create job descriptions.
  • Collaborate with managers from different departments to complete a list of requirements.
  • Attract suitable candidates through databases, social media, online platforms, etc. 
  • Conduct interviews. 
  • Complete paperwork for new hires. 

Average salary: $53,510 per year (Indeed)

8. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives focus on taking care of a company´s customers. They help them with complaints and questions, providing them with information about products and services. 


  • Communicate with customers through various channels and help them solve inquiries.
  • Process orders, complaints, and requests.
  • Keep a record of customers interactions.
  • Maintain a peaceful and positive attitude towards customers. 
  • Provide relevant feedback to improve the customer’s experience.

Average salary: $52,084 per year (Indeed)

9. Online Teacher

Online teachers focus on tutoring and educating students in a virtual environment. This job can be flexible because you can reach agreements with your students in terms of the hours you´re available. 


  • Build a schedule with the content and resources for each lesson
  • Diagnose learning needs
  • Evaluate 
  • Mentor and report a student´s progress

Average salary: $41,860 per year (ZipRecruiter) 

Best Companies Offering Remote Jobs

What companies are hiring for remote jobs? FlexJobs analyzed the job postings of 57,000 companies in their database and found the best 100 companies for those looking to work remotely. Here are the results: 

  1. BroadPath
  2. Liveops
  3. SYKES
  4. Working Solutions
  5. SAP
  6. Varsity Tutors
  7. TTEC
  8. Kelly
  9. Williams-Sonoma
  10. TranscribeMe
  11.  Robert Half International
  12. Transcom
  13. Dell Technologies
  14. UnitedHealth Group
  15. Sutherland
  16. Change Healthcare
  17. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  18. Cactus Communications
  19. Parexel
  20. CVS Health
  21. Activus Connect
  22. Randstad
  23. Bellay
  24. Kforce
  25. Paylocity
  26. UKG – Ultimate Kronos Group
  27. Twilio
  28. Colony Brands
  29. CrowdStrike
  30. Aquent
  31. Accounting Principals
  32. Pearson
  33. Citizens Bank
  34. Ajilon
  35. Anthem, Inc.
  36. HubSpot
  37. Toast, Inc.
  38. Lincoln Financial Group
  39. eXp Realty
  40. Verizon
  41. GitHub
  42. Stride, Inc.
  43. Elastic
  44. AT&T
  45. Aston Carter
  46. FlexProfessionals
  47. Ansafone Contact Centers
  48. Capital Group
  49. Aerotek
  50. Supporting Strategies
  51. Direct Interactions
  52. iMPact Business Group
  53. Grand Canyon Education – GCE
  54. VistaPrint
  55. NTT Group
  56. Amazon
  57. ICON plc
  58. Collabera
  59. Literably
  60. Coinbase
  61. Boldly
  63. American Red Cross
  64. ConsenSys
  65. Boston Scientific
  66. Kaplan
  67. Bilingual Therapies
  68. Adecco Group
  69. Wells Fargo
  70. Jerry
  71. Stash Financial
  72. Alorica
  73. Invitae
  74. Pantheon
  75. Beacon Hill Staffing Group
  76. Stitch Fix
  77. Tinuiti
  78. Fastly
  79. Contentful
  80. Mayo Clinic
  81. CyraCom
  82. Alight Solutions
  83. Pitney Bowes
  84. U.S. Bank
  85. Mozilla
  86. American Heart Association
  87. Profit Factory
  88. LanguageLine Solutions
  89. Gusto
  90. Affirm
  91. CommScope
  92. SafeAuto
  93. Motion Recruitment
  94. Wikimedia Foundation
  95. ADTRAV Travel Management
  96. American Express
  97. GoHealth LLC
  98. CarGurus
  99. Amplify Education
  100. Andela

The report also highlights the top career fields for remote work in 2022:

  • Computer & IT
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Medical & Health
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Sales
  • Administrative
  • Education & Training

Choose Your Best Remote Job  

These jobs are some of the best jobs for remote workers as they don’t require a physical presence. They require you to use your laptop, software (based on the job you pick), and a stable internet connection. While there are more options to choose from based on your current skill-set and expertise, these are some of the most flexible ones in terms of sustainability and growth.

Whether you already are a digital nomad or just starting out, know that there are a lot of jobs out there for you that will pay you well for the skills you have to offer. Just sharpen your skills, get additional skills if needed and you’re ready to go!

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