New Digital Nomad Visa Applications in Portugal 

digital nomad visa applications

Portugal received over 200 digital nomad visa applications in two and a half months.

The Portuguese visa is one of the most popular among remote workers and digital nomads. Over the last few years, the country has become a dynamic hub with different digital nomad villages and initiatives. 

For the current visa applications, the government received over 200 applications in less than three months. Most of the applicants are from the United Kingdom, the United States, and Brazil. The visa can be the first step toward a permanent permit. First, candidates will need to apply for a five-year residency. After that, they can apply for a license lasting 10 years and the opportunity to renovate it. 

Among the requirements, a gross salary higher than 3.000 € per month. As remote work becomes more popular, more people are able to apply for these initiatives. In addition, Portugal offers numerous tax benefits contributing to its popularity. 

The high number of digital nomad visa applications shows the growing trend toward a flexible lifestyle. 


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