Portugal Shared More Details About Their Digital Nomad Visa – Here´s What You Need to Know


Several countries in Europe have already announced their latest regulations when it comes to digital nomads. And Portugal just announced its new digital nomad scheme that will open applications on Oct. 30.

The Portuguese government just announced new digital nomad visa requirements for those interested in visiting the country and staying for a long time while working. 

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Portugal just confirmed that from October 30, workers from countries not part of the European Union or European Economic Area could apply for a remote work and residency visa. 

Among its requirements, employees will have to show proof of the following:

  • Tax residency
  • Employment details (such as a contract) 
  • Evidence of their income

Additionally, employees should earn at least four times as the Portuguese national way, which is $798. Meaning digital nomads should earn around 3,288 euros per month. 


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