New Platform for Hybrid Co-working 

platform hybrid co-working

Chargifi pulled in $10M to Kadence, a platform to enable hybrid co-working.

After the pandemic, most companies switched to a hybrid arrangement to reduce costs and allow more flexibility. However, running hybrid and distributed teams comes with the need to implement communication and management systems. 

So, Chargifi launched a start-up to enable users to access mobile power with a free app. The service works in any public location with a ‘Chargifi Spot.’ It can be a bar, stadium, hotel, or office. The company has provided these services since before the pandemic. And with the remote work hit, they already had several managing wireless charging networks in various offices.

The company rebranded as Kadence, focussing on coordinating people, places, and projects to improve hybrid co-working inside teams. The platform for hybrid co-working raised a $10M Seed funding round led by Kickstart Fund. The project also attracts investors like Cal Henderson, Co-Founder and CTO at Slack, Shaun Ritchie, CEO and Founder of Teem, and Nick Bloom, Stanford professor and worldwide authority on remote work.

As Kadence CEO and Founder Dan Bladen said: “Companies are now trying to figure out how to move from ‘order’ to ‘optimization’ and make the ‘way’ they work a competitive advantage. Companies that will win in the hybrid age will understand that the office is no longer the platform for work; the platform for work is now time (the working week) – companies that don’t get hybrid right won’t survive.”

Using the software could reduce office space by 68%, allowing employees to collaborate more from home. The platform for hybrid co-working allows for improving virtual services responding to a global trend.


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