Audi Upgrades Hybrid Work Agreement for More Flexibility

Audi hybrid work
Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

Audi is continually improving the organization’s work model to become the hybrid workplace of the future.

At the locations in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, the company agreement “Hybrid Working” will take into effect on October 1, 2022. Even more flexibility for employees is provided by the company agreement.

There is no obligation for set office hours, and they are free to select where they work. Remote and on-site work are becoming increasingly compatible with each other thanks to the spread of desk sharing, the remodelling of office space, and financial incentives for workers to work remotely in an ergonomic manner.

As long as this is feasible for their jobs, Audi workers and their supervisors can independently decide which days they will work remotely and when they will come into the office. There are no precise criteria outlined in the guidelines. Employees now have even more flexibility to choose a work arrangement that matches their needs and to do their jobs in a flexible and self-determined way.

The “Mobile Working” company agreement, which has been in effect since 2016, has evolved into the new “Hybrid Working” company agreement.

“We already had a high degree of flexibility, and now Audi employees can combine the best of both worlds – remote working and the office. For us, the new company agreement is a consistent step on our way towards a hybrid working world. At the same time, it is an expression of a corporate culture characterized by individual responsibility and trust, which we will continue to consistently drive forward in the future.”Xavier Ros, Board Member for HR and Organization

Audi is providing significant equipment packages to staff to aid them in their transition to hybrid collaboration. Employees of Audi are eligible for a “IT package” or a “Furniture package” if they share a desk and have mobile working capabilities. Additionally, these employees are given a 500-euro coupon or a 750-euro voucher, both of which are temporarily valid through June 30, 2023, to spend on mobile working ergonomic office supplies.

Employees at Audi who are unable to operate in hybrid mode, such as those in production who are constrained by a certain cycle, will also see considerable advancement under the concept of “better normal.” Currently, the business and the works council are working on more adaptable shift work models, fresh room ideas to make working on-site more enjoyable, more diversified catering options, and simpler access to the digital world of Audi in these regions.

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