Pasona Group Will Introduce Remote Options for Foreign Workers

remote options for foreign workers

Japanese staffing service Pasona Group will introduce new remote options for foreign workers in Japanese companies. The new positions will mainly be in the information technology field, covering the labor shortage inflamed by COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Because of the pandemic, Japanese companies are suffering a chronic shortage of IT staff. According to Persol Career’s recent data, the country recorded 6.4 mid-career vacancies in the IT industry in July. The average (2.1) is higher than any other industry. As Japan’s industry ministry estimates, there are over 1 million skilled IT workers in the country. As a result, the shortage is expected to reach 790,000 IT workers by 2030.

In the past years, Pasona hired hundreds of foreign workers across several Japanese companies. Before the pandemic, almost 60% of candidates were already based in Japan. And the rest moved from their home country. 

Remote Options for Foreign Workers To Cope With IT Shortage

Following COVID travel restrictions, most Japanese companies offered remote options for foreign workers. From now on, information technology jobs won’t require foreigners to move to Japan physically. In addition, Pasona’s service will cover companies without offices abroad.

The staffing company also aims to open new positions in India, South Korea, and Vietnam. Pasona has already made contact with local universities and human resource pools to introduce 300 people by 2024. 

Pasona will open remote options for foreign workers hiring new candidates through its local branch or passing them directly to Japanese companies’ HR offices. Finally, salary, insurance, and benefits will align with local standards and labor laws.

In the same vein, another staffing company hiring Japanese companies, Human Resocia, opened new positions for remote candidates living in India and Myanmar. With a three and half hour time zone, the area is one of the convenient solutions to open remote options for foreign workers. The aim is to hire 200 remote workers by 2023.

While the consequences of the pandemic are still impacting the labor market, remote options are one of the most efficient solutions to cope with the IT talent shortage. 


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