New Partnership to Deliver Secure Remote Access to Media and Entertainment Industry

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Leader in secure remote access Splashtop, Inc., and experts in digital video workflows Bridge Digital, Inc. announced a partnership. The two firms join forces to deliver secure remote access to Bridge Digital’s media and entertainment (M&E) customers.

Splashtop Inc. delivers remote access and support to many clients, from large and small enterprises to academic and research institutions to government agencies. As a cloud-based and secure remote access approach, the support software slowly replaces VPNs. On the other hand, Bridge Digital supports businesses in the media & entertainment industry. The company creates, distributes, and monetizes video assets covering the digital media workflow.

New Partnership to Deliver Secure Remote Access to Media and Entertainment Industry

The two firms partnered to provide more effective and secure remote access to businesses in the media and entertainment industry. As a result, Splashtop enables high-quality remote work and support accessible from any device. Indeed, the media and entertainment industry needs resource-intensive software for editing; rendering; broadcasting; audio-to-video synchronization; visual effects; sound effects; painting; sculpting; post-production activities; and so on. 

The new Splashtop software provides high-performance capabilities, including 4k streaming (up to 60 FPS) and automatic latency minimization. In addition, it’s optimized for NVIDIA, AMD GPU acceleration, and Intel CPUs.

As Splashtop’s Channel Chief, Justin Windsor, says: “In 2020, studios had to quickly adopt remote work as a band-aid solution to lockdowns and closed offices. It’s still a necessity more than a year later, but the focus has shifted from adopting remote work to optimizing the remote workflow. We are thrilled that Bridge Digital has joined our partner community and look forward to delivering our solutions to M&E customers.” 

And Mickey Charles from Bridge Digital adds: “Splashtop provides highly secure remote access, which is the most important feature and requirement when working with our customers. We continually research solutions that are both effective internally and provide efficient workflow products to our customers. Today, there are products on the market that claim to have high security when dealing with customers, but they have some holes. We are especially diligent about what tools we use and recommend when accessing a customer remotely. Splashtop offers a higher level of product security that our customers and we appreciate.” 

As remote models are still the safest option, most companies partner to enable secure remote access and support distributed teams. 


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