Wipro, Citrix, and HPE Join Forces to Implement Remote Work Models

Wipro Citrix HPE remote work

IT consulting company Wipro, software firm Citrix, and IT giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) cooperate to improve remote work solutions. When the global crisis will be over, 89% of employees expect to work from home. 35% of Americans are happy to work remotely full-time.  

Following this trend, most companies are working to improve this transition. Other tech firms and tech leaders such as Facebook and Twitter announced a permanent shift to hybrid models.

Many companies have experienced remote work benefits in the last 12-18 months. However, most employees suffered improper digital infrastructure and security issues. As VP, Worldwide Sales, HPE GreenLake, Arwa Kaddoura states, “in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent new normal, businesses feel pressured to implement secure, remote work options for their employees.”

The three tech firms join forces to implement security and flexibility to improve team members’ engagement and collaboration while working remotely. Wipro, Citrix, and HPE aim to deliver a powerful digital workspace where “employees can access everything they need to get work done and perform at their best wherever they happen to be,” as Citrix VP Sachin Menon says.

Wipro, Citrix, and HP Enterprise Implement Remote Work Model

The aim is to equip virtual teams with a collaborative and safe cloud workplace. The project integrates Wipro’s Desktop as a Service platform and virtual desks with various services offered by Citrix and HPE. 

The program combines Citrix’s Virtual Apps & Desktop Services with a zero-trust security strategy with the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) by HPE. It allows managing workloads and creates secure, high-performance virtual environments with HPE GreenLake cloud services.

As a pay-per-use and subscription-based model, the program offers a collaborating and efficient experience for remote workers. While the future of remote work is uncertain as vaccination campaigns start over, some companies take remote work benefits.


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