Moonrise: New Co-Learning Space For Kids In Decatur

co-learning for kids

On November 13, a new co-learning for kids will open in Decatur. Inspired by a co-working, Moonrise is a space where kids can learn, do homework and socialize. 

Founder Chris Turner aims to create a learning space for kids in between home and schools. As a result, the new co-learning for kids targets children between five and 17 years old. And working parents can drop their kids off subscribing to an unlimited membership for $250 a month.

Moonrise: New Co-Learning For Kids

Like most co-working spaces, Moonrise offers numerous services: 

  • Comfortable seating.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi.
  • Technical equipment.
  • Programming training and courses for kids. 
  • Maker space for art and craft.
  • Kids’Kids’ café with healthy snacks and drinks. 
  • Reading nooks and a library for members.
  • Podcast studio for students.

Parents can use an app to book their drop-ins and pick-up hours. However, they aren’taren’t allowed in the building during the learning activities like workshops and classes. The co-learning for kids has a capacity for 60 children at the time. Already in October, Moonrise counted 375 kids on the waiting list.

As Moonrise’sMoonrise’s founder says: “In the short term, we’re trying to provide space for kids in the real world where they can be exposed to how the world really works, safely. Since most people are doing their work increasingly at coffee shops, and remotely at co-working spaces. This, to me, is a closer step to reality for kids. While they’re there, we want them to follow their interests and learn about the things they are excited about and become obsessed with. Everything that we do is designed to give them creativity, freedom and independence.”

Turner aims to expand Moonrise’sMoonrise’s activities across the city, targeting educational places like Fernbank Museum or the Atlanta Zoo. While most parents are changing their working schedules to adjust to hybrid models, this co-learning for kids is an example of alternative educational spaces. 


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You're interested in news & tips about remote work? What luck! That's what we do! Better join our newsletter so we can hang out