1 in 5 Employers in the U.S. Are Implementing Hybrid Models

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According to a West Monroe executive poll, 1 in 5 executives have started implementing hybrid models in their workplace. Nearly 48% of those polled also stated that they plan to implement these work structures during the summer. 

Remote work arrangements keep increasing across the U.S. With vaccination programs through several states, many companies like Amazon are slowly returning to the office. Yet, corporate surveys conducted by many companies show that most employees don’t want to return to the pre-pandemic working structure. As a result, employers are implementing hybrid models. 

West Monroe Executive Poll 2021: Main Results 

West Monroe surveys 150 C-Suite executives every quarter of each year. During the second quarter of 2021, the results have shown a tendency of employers to prioritize the implementation of hybrid models. 

These are some of the main results from the poll: 

  1. 1 in 5 employers are already implementing hybrid work models, and 48% plan to do it during the summer. 
  2. 60% of employers expect to hire more people (that’s an 11% increase from the previous quarter). 
  3. Vaccines are a major component to decide whether to return or not to the office. 71% of employers say they will incentivize employees to get vaccinated. 

What Companies Are Already Shifting Towards a Hybrid Work Model? 

After a year of quarantine, companies got used to working from home. However, now that vaccinations are being distributed, it’s easier to get back to the office. Companies like Google have announced their plans to return to the office in September. 

However, other companies have already started to implement remote work arrangements permanently, allowing employees to work both from home and the office. 

Some of the companies that have already started changing their working structure permanently are: 

  • Citigroup: According to an internal memo from Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser, Citi’s employees can work 2 days per week remotely. 
  • Ford: The automaker recently announced that office employees will have the option of working under a flexible hybrid model.
  • TIIA: The majority of TIIA’s employees will work under a hybrid approach even when it’s safe for them to return back to the office. 
  • Target: Is implementing flexible arrangements for most of their office workers. 
  • GM: Similar to Ford, GM announced this week that its white-collar employees would have the option of working both in the office and at home. 
  • Salesforce: According to Salesforce’s “Success from Anywhere” plan, most employees will have three options: flex work (both in the office and at home), fully remote, and office-based. 

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