New Luxury Co-working Space For Women 

luxury co-working space women

The Sapphire Suite launches a luxury co-working space for women in Franklin.

During the first lockdown, founder Tammie Osborne had the idea. Remote work allowed her to spend more time with her family and hobbies. So, she started to look for a place to be productive and network with other career-driven women.

As a result, the Sapphire Suite is more than a workplace. It’s designed for women seeking professional growth and work-life balance to spend more time with their families. Iconic Princess Diana’s Sapphire Jewelry inspires the name.

Memberships for the luxury co-working space for women include:

  • In-house networking events 
  • Development training and workshops
  • Desks 
  • Meeting rooms 

The year memberships start at $229. While monthly memberships are around $249 and day passes $28. In addition, members can request complimentary guest passes and a complimentary professional headshot.

Opening on Friday, the space becomes a center for women to grow professionally and connect with like-minded people. As the founder said: “One thing that continues to amaze me is the number of women in business in Williamson County. They are coming woodwork, and they need a place to go and a place to spend time together and a place to support one another. That’s really what I hope this place will become for the women of Williamson County.”

So, this luxury co-working space for women becomes another example of flexible work solutions following the remote work revolution. 

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