New Co-Working Space For Women’s Needs

coworking space women needs

Hope Street launches a co-working space for women’s needs in UpRiseHer.

The rise of co-working spaces inspired numerous initiatives targeting women and minorities. Back in 2019, UpRiseHer highlighted the need for infrastructures for working women. The organization provides a community workplace fully focused on women’s needs. 

As founder Shannon Sexton Potter says: “Working moms are juggling so much, and expected to ‘balance’ their family, work, friendships, and passions with everyone getting equal parts of them. But I don’t believe in balance- Nothing is ever perfectly balanced, and the expectation that women should measure their worth by how close to this ‘perfect balance’ they can get is absurd. Our lives are fluid and ever-changing. Acknowledging that teeter-totter of priorities is the only way to embrace what it means to be a woman fully. And UpRiseHer helps women do that.” 

Focussing the co-working space on women’s needs, the location provides different services. The daily pass starts from $25. And the monthly membership is $150, including:

  • Full kitchen
  • Private and open workspaces 
  • Breastfeeding/changing room for working moms

Furthermore, members will receive discounts on network events and private space rentals. Finally, UpRiseHer will provide workshops and group gathering opportunities for women to grow together. 

This co-working space for women’s needs is another example of new workplaces rising because of flexible work arrangements. 

Image UpRiseHer


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