Earn Extra Money with These Jobs That Pay Weekly 

jobs that pay weekly

Are There Any Remote Jobs That Pay Weekly? 

In these difficult times, a weekly paying job is no less than a miracle. It helps you make some money on the side for any other expenses. If you are searching for a way to add some dollars to your bank account, here are some online jobs that pay weekly. 

Top 19 Jobs That Pay Weekly

1.     Data Entry

Data entry jobs will require you to transfer data from one specific format to another. The other format is usually a spreadsheet, where you input information after extracting it from paper or database systems. 

You will primarily have to type up files and troubleshoot processing errors. So, it is essential for you to have basic typing and computer skills and a keen eye for details.

Expected Pay: 

$16.94 per hour. 

2.     Freelance Writing

Freelance writing jobs can pay weekly and also allow you the flexibility to work full-time or part-time as you please. Some of these gigs require intensive research, while others need basic creative writing skills.

If you doubt your ability to generate income by working freely, you can start by reading our beginner’s guide on how to get clients as a freelancer

Expected Pay

$25.14 per hour.

3.     Online Tutoring Job

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to put your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject to good use. It also helps that you can get paid weekly! The best thing about teaching online is that it allows you to work on a flexible schedule.

All you need to do as an online tutor is to pick a subject that you are proficient in and find students who require help. You can join websites, such as TutorMe, Cambly, or Tutor.com to kickstart a successful career in online tutoring.

Expected Pay

$30 per hour. 

4.     Surveys

Taking surveys is a side hustle that can be done from the comfort of your bed or couch. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. The best part is that there are no special requirements that you need to fulfill to sign up on survey platforms. 

Expected Pay

Simple online surveys can help you earn around $50, while paid research studies tend to pay $150 for every survey. 

5.     Tour And Travel Consultant

You can be a tour and travel consultant on a part-time and full-time basis. This job entails assisting clients in finding the best travel packages and planning for them as necessary. You may have to organize travel, provide location-relevant information, and book hotels. 

Expected Pay

$25.61 hourly. 

6.     App And Website Testing

Once an app or website has been developed, it requires testing to see if the features are working efficiently and effectively. This is where you come in as an app and website tester. You will have to check out the functionality of many different features. 

Expected Pay

$26 every hour.

7.     Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant means that you will be offering administrative services online. For this job, you need to have good IT, communication, time-management, and decision-making skills. 

Your duties as a virtual assistant may vary depending on the nature of the work and whom you are working for. You may have to set up appointments and make phone calls, along with completing other tasks. 

Expected Pay

$21.78 hourly.

8.     Day Trader

This is one of the best jobs that pay weekly if you have knowledge of stock exchanges and securities. As part of this job, you have to come up with investment strategies that will help others trade in commodities or stocks. 

Expected Pay

$100 to $300 in a day. 

9.     Contract Job

In a freelance or temporary position, you can easily find contract jobs that pay weekly. They exist to help fill in gaps in staffing or aid during busy seasons. Many organizations hire contract workers remotely to complete particular projects or tasks. 

Expected Pay

$28 per hour.

10. Transcription

Transcription entails converting video and audio recordings into text. It is one of the easiest jobs that pay weekly and can be done from the comfort of your home.

Expected Pay

$15 to $40 per hour.

11. Search Engine Evaluator

As a search engine evaluator, it is your job to take a look at search results and decide whether these are the best for the query inputted. You are in charge of rating these results and then Google takes the final decision. 

Expected Pay

$50,000 in a year. 

12. Translation

Translation is a way for you to put your language fluency skills to good use. All you need are strong communication and writing skills. 

Expected Pay

Translators can earn differing amounts based on their expertise, language, and experience. But most of them earn around $20 to $30 an hour.

13. Affiliate Marketing

This job is a great way to get your business off the ground. Just put in some extra effort selling products and services and you can easily make some quick cash on the side. This is an especially wonderful option if you want a long-lasting and stable income stream. 

Not only that, but affiliate marketing is also an excellent option if you are looking for a remote passive income job. If you are successful, it allows you to earn money without spending much time or effort.

Expected Pay

$59,000 a year. 

14. Dropshipping Business

In the last decade, a drop shipping business model has shown significant success. It requires some research and only a minimal amount of capital. Just make sure to accurately identify the demand in the market and offer an affordable supply. 

As part of this job, you will need to list products on your website that people can purchase. The good thing is that you do not need to warehouse them yourself. Place an order and the manufacturer will directly deliver to the customer and you get a commission for your hard work!

Expected Pay

$100,000 in a year. 

15. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for managing and creating a social media presence for the company they work for or clients that hire them. This includes managing and developing content, along with responding to comments and engaging with followers. 

Expected Pay

$65,000 annually. 

16. Proofreading

If you like reading and correcting documents to ensure that they are free of grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, then you can choose to proofread as your side hustle. It does not require much training or experience and can be done no matter where you are located.

In case this suits you, we created this list of well-paid remote proofreading jobs. Take a look and go for it!

Expected Pay

$49,000 to $67,000 annually. 

17. Blogging

Blogging is among the top-paying jobs, which involves affiliate marketing and earnings through ads too. All you need to do is identify a niche, such as health, beauty, or finance, and start writing to your targeted audience about it. 

Most people these days also choose to make videos regarding such niches and post them on YouTube for people to learn from or enjoy.

Expected Pay

$100 a day. 

18. Appointment Generator

The primary function of an appointment generator is to schedule meetings for people in sales. It will be your job to qualify leads, talk to prospects, and let sales representatives know of the arrangements that you made. 

Expected Pay

$29,000 yearly.

19. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are responsible for recording the financial transactions of a company. It is up to them to reconcile and update ledgers when needed and use an accounting system to record transactions. If you are good with numbers and accounting, this is the perfect job for you.

Expected Pay

$37,000 on average in a year. 

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Are You Ready To Start Your Weekly Hustle?

By now, you should be aware of various jobs that pay weekly and their benefits. Have you decided which one you are going to apply for? Just click open the website from the position that interests you and don’t forget to prepare an optimized work-from-home resume. Hopefully, you will get an interview call soon!

Which companies hire for jobs that pay weekly?

There are numerous companies that hire for weekly paying jobs. Here are some of them.
1.     Chegg
2.     Clickworker
3.     CrowdSurf
4.     Fiverr
5.     Babbletype
6.     Allegis
7.     Hire Writers
8.     One Space
9.     Third Channel
10.  iBotta

Where can I get a weekly paying job?

Weekly paying jobs can be offered by companies as full-time positions or in a freelancing capacity. Below are some job boards where you can search for help finding weekly paying jobs.
1.     Indeed
2.     LinkedIn
3.     FlexJobs
4.     Upwork
5.     Fiverr

Is it better to be paid weekly or bi-weekly?

Here are some pros of getting paid weekly and bi-weekly.

Pros Of Getting Paid Weekly
1. You have a better picture of your finances
2. Better cash flow week to week
3. More money for financial commitments
4. You can save more

Pros Of Getting Paid Bi-Weekly
1. Fewer paydays
2. No risk of late payments

What jobs pay the most weekly?

Internet research revealed the following online weekly jobs pay the most.
1.     Blogging
2.     Virtual Assistant
3.     Completing surveys
4.     Dropshipping


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