10 Online Games to Earn Money

online games to earn money

For many of us, the dream is to earn great money by doing the things we love – and lots of people love online gaming. But do online games make money? 

The answer is yes – from superstars like Tyler Blevins (aka Ninja), who now has a net worth of $25 million from playing video games or professional video testers who earn an average of $45k per year to ordinary people who are picking up a little pocket money just from playing games. 

So how do you find online games to earn money?

What Games Can I Play to Make Real Money?

1. Second Life

Launched back in 2003, Second Life is a thriving gaming platform where users can literally have a second life. They can own land, build property, and have a job. 

Just like in real life you can earn money on Second Life by selling goods or services in exchange for the in-game currency called Linden Dollars (L$). Earn enough L$. and you can exchange them for real-world currency. 1600 people earned over $10,000 on Second Life in 2021.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a centralized site and app that lists opportunities to make money online. 

That includes the usual sources like taking surveys, but you can also get paid to play games online by developers. In return for your play and feedback, you could get gift cards or cash back through PayPal.

3. Pick my Postcode (UK Only)

Visit the site once a day to see if your postcode has appeared in one of the lottery draws, and you could win prizes of up to £500. 

The site funds the prizes through advertising, so there’s no charge to play, and they send you an email reminder each day, so you don’t forget to check in.

4. Lucktastic

This app lets you play virtual scratchcards with real-life money prizes – and it’s free. Like Pick my Postcode, they rely on advertising revenue, and you’ll have to watch an ad before each game. They claim to have given out over £20 million so far in cash prizes and gift cards.

5. Dream11

How’s your fantasy cricket? If you’ve got a way of picking virtual teams, then you could win by beating other players head-to-head on Dream 11. 

Based in India, the website is written in English. Although some videos may need some translation, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring these online games to play and earn money.

6. Blackout Bingo

Download the app to start playing free games of that old favorite, Bingo. There’s no cost to enter, and rounds last just two minutes, but if you win, you win real money. Like many other games on this list, the prizes are funded through advertising revenue, so you can expect to see a fair few pop-ups.

7. Bingo Clash

If Blackout Bingo isn’t for you, then try Bingo Clash. It’s another of the online games to play and earn money via an app that you can download and is free to play with prizes that include cash payments (paid out through PayPal) and merchandise. You need tickets to play, but you get some free every day when you log in.

8. Bubble Cash

If you’re wondering how to make money by playing online for free, here’s an option. In this one, you match your skill at popping the colored bubbles against others to progress in the game. If you make it into the top three, then you win real money prizes that are paid out via PayPal.

9. Rewarded Play

You don’t need to win to get paid on this app. Just spend time playing the games they offer – which are all free to play – and collect points. When you have enough points, you can exchange them for a gift card for Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more.

10. PlayerAuctions

If you don’t mind the grind, this is one of the genuine ways to earn money playing games online. 

The site allows you to auction off your accounts or items from online games, connecting you with like-minded players looking for what you have to offer. Whether you play Fortnite, League of Legends, or Animal Crossing, New Horizons are some of the best online games to earn money – you just need to list your items and wait for buyers.

Do Online Games Make Money?

The short answer is that yes, you can make money by playing games. Is that money reliable or enough to replace a regular job? Only for people who are extremely talented at gaming or have the charisma to set up a profitable stream or YouTube channel. For most of us, we can use online games to earn money as a side hustle or hobby.

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