India: 38% of the Employees Seek Equal Mix of Onsite & Remote Work in Hybrid Model

Mumbai India

According to the 2022 Indice Office Occupier Survey by real estate firm CBRE, 38% of the employees want a hybrid model with equal onsite and remote work. Additionally, most employers evaluate hybrid work as the best work arrangement in the post-pandemic scenario. 

Nowadays, employers are implementing hybrid work model arrangements as it enables them to keep their onsite culture but also provides employees with the flexibility to work from their home.

Indian Employers are Implementing Hybrid Work Models

In the new report, one of the main findings indicates that about 73% of employees in India are evaluating hybrid working models to implement in their businesses. Additionally, those who want their employees back at the offices prioritize health and wellbeing as the most important elements. 

The report analyzed four hybrid work model possibilities:

  1. Just-in-case remote work for certain circumstances
  2. 3+ office days a week
  3. Equal mix of office and remote work
  4. Remote work for 3+ days a week

The study revealed that 38% of respondents stated they would consider an equal mix of office-based and remaining work, while the remaining 35% would rather like to have a permit for 3+ office days in a week. 


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