India Accelerator Launches Its 5th Co-working Space

India Accelerator

India Accelerator launches a new co-working space on Golf Course Road, in the heart of Gurugram.

Following shifting to remote practices, the Indian government quickly activated regulations for remote work. For years, the country has been a tech hub. And now, more companies have contact with the country thanks to remote work. 

Part of the Global Accelerator Network, India Accelerator launches its 5th co-working space. To sum up, the aim is to provide a dynamic space and a collaborative work environment for startups and young entrepreneurs.

so, the last co-working space is in one of the most dynamic and vibrant neighborhoods of Gurugram. After the opening, it will provide 250 seats available across 1500 square meters. And the space offers numerous workspace options to accommodate the necessity for flexibility. 

In addition to over 200 seats, the India Accelerator co-working provides: 

  • Fixed workstations
  • Personalized cubicles
  • Cabins 
  • Meeting rooms
  • Flexible day pass

Furthermore, the space offers advanced tech equipment and amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi; a cafeteria; and seating arrangements to relax and network.

As India Accelerator Co-Founder Abhay Chawla said: “Having an office space in a premium business location costs a fortune. So, it is a major roadblock for highly-talented professionals and startups. And being a new-age co-working space, we have created a budget and work-friendly infrastructure combined with technology; design-thinking; and efficiency of resources. […] Flexibility has taken center stage in modern work culture with accelerated digital adoption. Finally, we understand the requirements of new-age startups. And thus, give immense flexible opportunities in terms of location and workstation options.” 


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