Indian Government Plans Legal Framework For Remote Work

Framework for remote work
Photo by Smartworks Coworking on Unsplash

India is working on a comprehensive framework for remote work that would specify businesses’ responsibilities to employees who work from home.

According to those acquainted with the plan, the goal is to create a legal framework for new work modes that have emerged in the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak, such as remote or hybrid work. Fixing work hours for employees and compensating them for additional expenses such as power and internet usage incurred as a result of working from home are among the possibilities being evaluated.

“A consultancy firm is being roped in to determine ‘future of work’ in the backdrop of the pandemic and the benefits it brings to stakeholders,” the official said. As told to Economic Times by a top government official

The government formalized work from home for the services industry with a standing order in January, allowing businesses and employees to agree on work hours and other service requirements. The move, however, was viewed as a sham because the services industry, which is mostly comprised of IT and ITeS, has already been allowing employees to work from home under specific circumstances.

According to the official, the administration now aims to create a comprehensive formal structure for all industries. Other countries are putting in place similar structures at the same time as the United States. A recent law in Portugal defines labor standards aimed at providing more security to employees who work outside of the company’s facilities. Within the government, there is agreement that legislation be introduced to provide legal support for working from home.

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