Hong Kong: New Service To Secure Data Transfer Working Remotely

data transfer working remotely

Today, NTT Ltd. and Fujitsu Hong Kong announced a partnership to cover the increasing demand for Mobile Digital Workplaces. Launched in Hong Kong, the service enables secure data transfer and collaborations working remotely.

After the global shift to remote work, Hong Kong is one of the biggest centers for remote workers and technology companies. As a result, NTT Ltd.’s Global Networks will support the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Business Notebook. The companies will launch a ready-to-go global mobile data service for the end-users based in the city.

New Features To Secure Data Transfer And Collaborations Working Remotely

The aim is to guarantee data transfer and collaborations working remotely. The Notebook runs on Windows 10. Further, it will come with a Ubigi pre-loaded 1GB SIM card. Subsequently, end-users can transfer data working remotely to any of NTT’s 180+ destinations. 

The service automatically selects the strongest signal switching to the best carrier network. Remote workers can count on the best connection anytime. Above all, end-users have complete visibility of their accounts, tracking data balance and spending via the Microsoft Windows Store. Therefore, the interface offers a selection of data bundles ranging from 500MB to 10GB. In addition, users can pay in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, the Caribbean, and Africa.

As North Asia and Hong Kong NTT Ltd. CEO Taichi Hiramatsu said: “We are excited to partner with Fujitsu Hong Kong to empower enterprises to create more successful mobile digital workplace experiences in Hong Kong. This launch will enable organizations to ensure that their distributed workforce stays connected seamlessly and securely around the globe for effective and smooth operations. We look forward to working closely with Fujitsu Hong Kong to roll out further solutions for an even wider audience and help organizations transform their workspaces into highly collaborative, productive, and secure environments.”

As companies opt for hybrid and remote models, secure data transfer and collaborations working remotely is a top priority. NTT Ltd. and Fujitsu Hong Kong are testing new solutions to improve security and communications for virtual and distributed teams. 


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