15 High-Paying Jobs That You Could Do From Home (+ Pros and Cons of Each)

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Your work-from-home options and your earning potential are highly dependent on your skills, experience, and education. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck doing the same low-paid job for the rest of your days.

Skills can be developed, and experience can be earned, so don’t be afraid to try your chance at remote work positions or entrepreneurship. To give you a boost in following your goals, here are some high-paying work-from-home jobs that may fit your skill set.

15 Work-from-home Jobs that Pay Well- an Average of $70 k per year

1. Software Developer/Engineer

First on our list of high-paying work-from-home jobs is a career path that can bring you between $67k and $113k per year. With this job, as long as you can connect to the internet and have your trusty devices, you can work from wherever you want around the globe. 

On the cons side, this position comes with a big serving of stress as deadlines are tight, and bugs show up when it’s less convenient. Plus, you’ll be working long hours in front of a computer, which is less than ideal for your health. However, if you can take care of your work-life balance, this is a pretty cozy remote work position.

2. Data Scientist

As businesses and organizations rely more on data and real-time analyses to make decisions and understand market trends, the demand for data scientists is sky-high. The position requires analytical skills, experience, and specific education to identify patterns and trends in large data sets.

Skilled data scientists are paid well, and their skills apply to various industries. This means that, if you want, you can change employers or find customers that fit your preferences. Plus, the work is quite exciting, and things are extremely dynamic, so there’s no time to get bored.

3. UX Designer

At around $117k per year, UX Design is one of the highest-paying work-from-home jobs. Plus, you can work for a company that hires remote workers, or you can have your own business.

Your main responsibility is to design digital interfaces and user experiences for websites and mobile apps. This means that, as long as you have your computer and a strong internet connection, you can work from every part of the world. 

4. Web Developer

The average salary for a web developer is around $80k per year, but you can easily earn more if you have the right skills and choose the right niche. As a web developer, your job is to build and maintain websites for clients or companies. And you can do this without ever leaving your home office.

5. Accountant

Professionals with experience in this field are a hot commodity in the workforce market. One of the main advantages of being an accountant is that you’ll always have job stability, regardless of the economic climate.

On the downside, you’ll have to deal with long hours during the tax season or financial audits, repetitive tasks, and a low level of creativity or artistic expression.

6. Marketing Manager

Some high-paying work-from-home jobs seem like a dream come true if you have the right skill set. In this case, if you like developing strategies and enjoy staying up to date with the latest trends in marketing, you may find the marketing manager position quite interesting. 

Your main responsibility will be to develop marketing strategies and oversee campaigns for businesses, which you can easily do from the comfort of your home. However, you may need a few years of experience working in marketing before you can apply for a marketing position.

7. Social Media Manager

Can you believe that a job where you have to be on social media all the time is part one of the work-from-home jobs that pay well? However, this doesn’t mean there is no stress or tight deadlines. 

Plus, you need a specific set of skills, such as good communication skills, creativity, and analytical skills (among others). Plus, you have to be accustomed to the latest social media platforms and how to use their features to benefit your customer(s).

8. Project Manager (PM)

While some PMs and companies prefer to avoid remote work (if possible), the current developments in the workforce don’t give them much choice. As more professionals make the switch to work-from-home, PMs had to adjust. 

The good news is that, with proper planning and management techniques, it is quite fun to manage a remote team. Plus, many companies are willing to pay well for experienced project managers, and the skills are transferable, regardless of the industry. 

9. Graphic Designer

For a creatively-inclined mind, graphic design is a wonderful field. Moreover, you can make between $34k and $69k a year, which makes it a great choice for people looking for stay-at-home jobs that pay well.

As a graphic designer, you’ll create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. Moreover, you’ll get to use your creativity and artistic abilities to produce designs for various media, such as magazines, websites, advertisements, brochures, logos, packaging, and more.

10. Video Editor

Due to the proliferation of social media platforms and increased demand for video content, video editors became a hot commodity almost overnight. It’s also a good-paying opportunity for jobs from home that many beginners and experienced editors take. 

The good news is that the skills you need for this job can be learned without investing too much in the education process. However, the tools you need to manipulate and rearrange video footage can be expensive.

11. Online Therapist

The US healthcare system is not the best at helping and protecting adults and children suffering from mental health conditions. In fact, around 30 million people who need help go without treatment because the system is too difficult to navigate. 

So, if you have the skills and want to help those who can’t access traditional therapy, you can provide mental health counseling services through online platforms. Besides being a service for your community, it’s also one of the high-paying work-from-home jobs that can help raise your income.

12. Copywriter

Copywriters have one of the best highest-paying work-from-home jobs as they get to write persuasive and engaging copy for websites, advertisements, and other marketing materials. However, keep in mind that this job requires high levels of creativity, even during stressful times.

13. Online Tutor

If you have enough knowledge and expertise in a specific niche, you can use it to round up your income by becoming an online teacher. You can teach various subjects to students of all ages in different class formats (one-on-one, group, or recorded courses).

14. Virtual Assistant

Even though it’s not usually found on the list of stay-at-home jobs that pay well, virtual assistants can earn a decent living by providing assistance to individuals or businesses. Depending on your skills, you can help out with administrative tasks, social media management, or keep track of meetings and other events on their clients’ calendars.

15. Technical Writer

If you are a good writer and enjoy technology, you can be a great technical writer, making a living from home. Your main responsibilities are to write technical documents, manuals, instructional materials, and more. Therefore, as long as you can communicate online with your customers, this is one of the jobs that doesn’t need any face-to-face meetings.

Wrap Up

Overall, in today’s day and age, most knowledge workers can work from home and continue to be productive. Plus, when you work remotely, you have a better chance of improving your personal life and controlling your work-life balance. 

So, if you find the right career path, go for it!

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