70% of IT Leaders Would Quit Their Jobs if Remote Work Wasn’t An Option

Man working from home

A study by companies Auxilion and Aruba surveyed over 100 IT Leaders in Ireland. The results showed a strong preference for remote working and that 71% of IT leaders would reject or quit a job if remote or hybrid working weren’t a possibility. 

Remote work has become a fundamental part of most businesses. Whether full-time remote or hybrid arrangements, most employees don’t want to return to the office. Working from home (or elsewhere) provides flexibility and the possibility to work in the environment of choice. And surveys continue to show that even leaders refuse to go back to the pre-pandemic work structure.

In Ireland IT Leaders Want to Work Remotely

The study conducted by Auxilion and Aruba revealed that most respondents want to work remotely. But only 39% of respondents said their organizations are well-equipped for long-term hybrid working. 

For most IT leaders, the major challenge is regarding security. 45% don’t feel confident in the ability of their organization to manage and secure their staff’s home environment.s and almost half of respondents believe their organization doesn’t have adequate security and data loss prevention measures. Additionally, when employees return to a hybrid workplace, one of the biggest challenges is having the IT security infrastructure for devices across locations o have the same user experience.

According to Philip Maguire, CEO of Auxilion:

“Hybrid is happening, but businesses are not fully prepared and are potentially leaving their company and people open to attack.”

Despite the challenges and obstacles to overcome, most IT leaders want to continue working remotely. 71% would refuse to quit a job if remote or hybrid working was not offered. 


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