PN Promises Flexible Timings and Remote Work For Parents

Remote work for parents
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Employees will have the right to request temporal flexibility from their employers, which means they will be able to negotiate when they start and finish work for a better work-life balance, according to Nationalist leader Bernard Grech, who unveiled eleven electoral promises aimed at helping parents strike a balance between earning a decent living and spending time with their families.

Grech explained that the PN plan requires companies to evaluate the employee’s request and provide a written justification if it is denied. In addition, the PN proposes the ability to work from home for a certain number of days. Grech noted that this was demonstrated during the pandemic, and that staff should be able to work remotely while maintaining productivity and customer satisfaction. Any refusals must be submitted in writing.

Grech said during a news conference at the party’s headquarters that if elected, the party will increase paternity leave to 15 days, with the government covering the cost in full, ’subject to a predetermined maximum amount.’

While the mother is on maternity leave, new fathers will be permitted to take time off during the first few days after the delivery. The pair will be able to support one other and spend quality time together as a result of this. Paternity leave, on the other hand, will not be transferable to the mother.

The government would compensate parents for up to eight weeks of parental leave,’subject to a defined maximum amount.’ If a parent takes leave before their child turns eight, the measure would apply. Foster and adoptive parents will also be eligible, according to Grech, and this will be in addition to the adoption leave.

According to Grech, the Protection of Maternity Employment rules will be revised to give pregnant women more security at work.

According to Grech, self-employed parents will benefit from the measures, with the PN preparing a structure similar to the maternity leave fund. This means that the parents will be paid a certain amount based on their claimed income.

Grech has also proposed a subsidy or a 50 percent tax credit on expenses related to nanny and child-minding services. Furthermore, the PN promised to allow parents to take advantage of their sick leave when their children are sick or have been in an accident that necessitates their presence.

Families with two working parents and children under the age of twelve or disabled children would be eligible for a subsidy or tax rebate if they hired someone to help them with housework, according to the PN.

Another option is a tax credit for firms that purchase ergonomic furnishings for their offices and their employees’ houses when they work from home.

Working parents prefer remote work as they need to be home to juggle their lives as a professional and a parent. Working from home makes this easier for them.

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