Greece: Improved Internet Connectivity To Work Remotely

internet connectivity work remotely

A few months ago, the Greece government launched a Visa Scheme. Now, the Tourism Minister announced a new initiative to improve the internet connectivity to work remotely. 

Last March, digital nomads could apply to live and work remotely in Greece. Blessed by great weather and natural landscape, the country is among the best destinations to travel and work. As a result, the Greece administration received over 3000 applications from digital nomads worldwide. 

However, there is a considerable challenge to consider: low internet connectivity to work remotely. 

According to the European Data Journalism Network, Greece is the worst place in Europe for average internet speed. Indeed, with an average download speed of 29 Mbps, the country has among the slowest internet connections in Europe. 

Greece Tourism Minister Improves Internet Connectivity To Work Remotely 

On Tuesday, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias announced different partnerships with private companies. The initiative is part of ‘‘Greece 2.0,” the Post-COVID Greek Economic Recovery Plan. Launched by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the plan includes strategies to improve the country’s digital infrastructures. So, the aim is to provide 5G internet connection packages for digital nomads.

First, the ministry will partner with Greek telecom company Wind. As a result, the company will offer attractive internet packages targeting digital nomads. Second, the ministry will start other partnerships to improve the service. 

The new program starts in three pilot cities, Ermoupolis, Heraklion, and Kalamata. After that, the plan will extend to the rest of the country. As Kikilias said: “The visitors who […] worked remotely […] were many and this is a global trend. Digital nomads support off-season tourism.” 

And Wind’sWind’s Corporate Communication Executive Director George Tsaprounis confirmed the commitment to improving internet connectivity to work remotely. 

As the digital nomad trend keeps rising, countries and organizations ensure high internet connectivity to work remotely and save the local economy.


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