Greece: Best Incentives For Digital Nomads

incentives for digital nomads

Greece becomes a top-class opportunity for remote workers and digital nomads. Following its neighborhood example, the country introduced breakthrough tax incentives for digital nomads to attract remote workers.  

After the Covid-19 outbreak, remote work is a common practice in Greece. After giving incentives for digital nomads, the country became one of the most attractive centers for remote workers and digital nomads. In early July 2021, housing platform Nestpick listed Athens as the best destination to work remotely and slow traveling. 

Among other Greek cities, the capital offers social activities, co-working, healthcare, and Internet connection. 

Incentives For Digital Nomads In Greece 


Following the incentives for tax reductions, the country attracted a huge number of digital nomads. The Cube Athens co-founder Stavros Messinisand runs Greece’s most prominent startup and maker space for digital nomads. As he states: “The entire digital transformation of the Greek state, which materialized recently, has helped a great deal. The pandemic was a catalyst in this direction. It all made our (remote work) environment friendlier, more effective, and more functional. Remote workers don’t fear the monster of bureaucracy so much now because they see that procedures are simpler.”


Athen, Thessaloniki, Crete, Corfu, and Larissa are becoming centers for digital nomads communities. Greek cities are an ideal place to work remotely, enjoying great weather and nature. In addition, they are full of co-working spaces and promote various events. 

Digital Nomad Lifestyle 

Infrastructure and internet connectivity differ from place to place. However, most centers for digital nomads can guarantee a good connection. In addition, the country is investing in improving its connectivity. 

While the pandemic completely shifts working habits, most people prefer to stay remote. As a result, most countries introduce incentives for digital nomads to restart the local economy. 


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