Greece Among Top 20 Destinations For Working Abroad

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According to the HSBC Expat Explorer 2021 survey, Greece ranks 19th among the top 20 destinations for working abroad.

Greece has climbed to 34th among 46 countries this year, from 37th last year. 7 out of 10 workers working abroad said that they enjoy a better quality of life in Greece as compared to their home country. According to the HSBC Expat Explorer 2021 survey, Greece ranks 19th for quality of life.

HSBC Expat Explorer 2021 Survey Results

  • About 59% respondents say they are not too concerned about their economic situation in the country while about a third admit that their finances have improved since moving to Greece.
  • 62% of the expats who live and work in Greece have acquired property in this country, which is above the average rate of 48% of respondents across 46 countries.
  • With more than 20,000 people surveyed around the world, 3 in 5 expats in Greece have seen an improvement in their work-life balance in comparison to when they lived in their home country.

Greece is behind Spain, Cyprus and Portugal when it comes to quality of life for those working abroad but has a 40% score which is above the global average of 35%.

Despite the uncertainty the pandemic has generated,

  • 67% of senior foreign staff working abroad in Greece are optimistic about next year which is above the international mean rate of 65%.
  • 37% responded that they have almost immediately felt at home in Greece, which is a significantly higher percentage than the global average rate of 23%.
  • Greece offers a sense of security to 57% (against 49% globally)
  • Greece offers satisfaction with the environment to 57% of respondents (compared to 41% internationally).

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